BEST OF 2011!!

I admit it’s been a while…a very. long. while since I last posted and if you really want to know why…well, I’ve been lazy. I know, I know…poor excuse. But, it’s the truth. I guess you can say it’s laziness coupled with complete and utter exhaustion after a long days work coupled with this chick in my belly zapping every ounce of energy from my body coupled with…laziness. Oh, and the fact that I haven’t been feeling very blogworthy lately.

Enough about me, I have to thank you sweet girls for all of your emails and Christmas cards. It’s such a warm feeling knowing that I have such a great support group, is it okay if I call you that? I should also tell you that the baby is fine and I’ve been feeling much much better. That first tri was a mess, but I made it through and I feel a bizillion times better.

So, here we are, New Year’s Eve. While I don’t have extravaganthugefun, any plans I do plan to be with my little family and maybe pop some bottles of Martinelli’s. I love apple cider. Honestly, I haven’t even thought about new year’s resolutions. I think I shared this with you about this time last year that I don’t typically make resolutions to ring in the new year, instead I make resolutions when I’m ringing in MY new year, my birthday. So, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Instead of a list of New Year’s resolutions, I thought I’d do a special New Year’s Shoutout to my girls. Find your initials and read my little note to you!

MH: I’ve said it before but your soon to be mister is a very lucky guy! You’re such a sweet girl times infinity and I thank God that we met through this here blog. XOXO!

JY: So you’re not Young yet but you’re soon to be and that’s all that counts. The woman of a thousand talents, you can do it all! I want to be like you when I grow up. For now, just teach me how to cook some GCC. LOL I love you, Sis!

JEEZ: I see you started a log. I’m looking forward to your posts soon! Thanks for the love!

ANYA: Is it okay if I call you DIY queen, because I think I just did! On top of that, you’re stunning! Thank you for following, my dear!

KER: I love a mom that keeps it FUNKY and you do that in your sleep! I love your look. Thank you for all your sweet comments.

HODAN: Thank you for sharing pieces of your life with me. I enjoy knowing that in spite of it all we can share FASHION and other fun stuff.

SHANNA: Just as cute as you can be. I love your beautiful smile and your sense of style. Keep doing what you’re doing! We’re watching!

VM: You, young lady, are a peach! You always have something kind to say. I’m still waiting to see the debut of that shirt. LOL

MB: Thank you for following my blog. It’s been such a treat getting to know you this season. Thank you for welcoming me to the team and being so great! I’m looking forward to next season!

DR: You’ve been following for quite some time, lady! Thank you for your comments and love!

SHA: Living life in style is SO true. You look great and I loved featuring you!

GOD: What shoes will she have on today? That’s what I say to myself when I hop on to your blog. You never cease to amaze me.

PRI: With a crazy shoe collection like yours, who needs friends! LOL Wishing you all the best your sweet little heart can take. Thanks for rocking and rolling with me!

SC: I’m glad to have had the chance to meet you and my sweet little Elijah! I’m looking forward to our mommy time soon! I still need to give you your Christmas gifts.

TIFF: I hear wedding bells and I’m so happy for you! Thank you for your encouragement and always having something kind to say. You’re a gem!

JD: I often think of you and remember your post about your past medical challenges. I still think it’s only by God’s grace that you are with us today and looking amazing! You are an inspiration to many, especially myself.

AL: The yummiest, healthiest food on the web. I love looking at the concoctions you come up with. Happy New Year to you the hubs and family.

TYNA: Thank you for your kinds words especially about my little chick. I don’t know if we’re having a boy or girl. I hope to find out on January 13th.

MAYA: I love your Fashunbee style! Especially “in the fog”. Continue to keep us inspired.

NP: Thank you for all your prayers. I love seeing your comments. Happy New Year Mrs Rogero.

MARQ: I can’t promise that I won’t have any more JiB tacos, but I’ll try. LOL Thanks for the love, girl!

CHAR: Georgia Peach, yup that’s you! Thanks for rocking and rolling with me.

JOH: I’m still learning Spanish, but I love your blog anyways. 🙂

AG: I love checking you out on youtube. Everytime I watch, my Cali accent turns into an Alicia accent. LOL

H3: There aren’t enough words. You 3 girls are the tops in every sense of the word. You’re beautiful, funny, smart! You’re parents are very proud, I’m sure. I’ve honored to know you! Muah! Deac. Man-man’s alright too.

ESE: My little Atlanta fashionista next door! I can’t wait to see you in San Diego!

LEX: I continue to be amazed by your ability to post outfits, post meal ideas, post beauty tips. You’re the!

TC: Keep on “posen” girl! You’re so gifted, talented and smart. 😉 I love who you are and laughing with you. You crack me up!

MYJD3: You always have a loving and reassuring word to give. You’re heart couldn’t be bigger. I love you, Momma!

CG: Mommy of the century! I admire you! I don’t know how you do it. You just had twins and you look amazing! You’re a great mommy! Looking forward to our next study!

JON: I love you to no end. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine and my heart. Thank you for putting up with me and for giving me 3 beautiful babies! Team Young Rules!

I know I’m leaving some of you off this list, but charge it to my baby brain and not my heart. I pray you all had a wonderful Christmas with you friends, family and those who matter most. I love you my dears and I’ll be upping the post volume soon.


17 thoughts on “BEST OF 2011!!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I poppped over to your blog and found that we have something in common. I too am a big fan (if you will) of Mali Music. He’s is a very gifted young man and I am so glad he decided to use his gifts for God’s glory!

  1. Happy New Year…may God continue to bless you and your lovely family. I love the pics from then to the way you create and put it together. Keep up the good work.

    Thank you, for the shout out..(smile)

  2. I love all of your looks…you always look so effortless. The Pink leopard blouse will get stolen one of these days…lol. Happy New Year and God Bless!

    Much love,

  3. Thanks my dear friend! You inspire me to start my own blog. Its the best thing happen to me on 2011. It was a tough year for me and blogging make me happy! Its a pleasure meet you. You are a wonderful woman, person, mother and friend! You make a better world!!

    (Thanks for your support, I’m still learning english! lol)

    Blessings for you and your family!! Huge hug!

  4. Firstly, I missed you…i often stalked your blog to see if there was a new post…but then all i could say is, ‘She’s pregnant shanna, duh!!’…LOL!
    Secondly, i’m super glad you are feeling better and I cant wait to see what you have in store for the future.
    Your kind words really made me smile in this post. To know that you remembered me through your comments…well, wow!
    Thanks for being a great inspiration for me to start blogging since day one 🙂

    Blessings to you and your gorgeous family, and also to the little pumpkin seed in your belly! xo

  5. Now I want to say that comment for VM is for me, but let see..Are you referring to the VM who purchase the Dakota jacket? Is it the VM you encouraged during her pregnancy when she was on bed rest? Just making sure. LOL
    Well that note definately made my day Leslie. Thank you ( Can’t wait to share with hubby;)
    I am happy to know you are doing well.
    I wish you and your family a Happy New year. It has probably been a year since I suscribed to your blog and It is always great reading your words of encouragement, stories, poems and how can we forget your wonderful fashion sense. Although I venture out to other fashion bloggers, You are one of my favorites. Be encouraged my sister. I pray God will continue to bless you in whatever you put your mind to. Bless your children, who will be little warriors for God and not be ashamed to share the Gospel with their peers. Bless you and your hubby’s union and pray you both will be awesome role model to those around you. And to all who is reading this, I pray that you all may know and experience the depth of God’s love for you in the coming New Year.
    Love your sister in Christ,

  6. Aww so awesome. I want to learn how to knit to make the baby something. Mmm that probably won’t happen LOL. I heart you and hope you enjoy your yummy cider, beautiful family and awesome blessings 😉 yay friend for blogging!!! I missed you. You helped me so much with blog development and praying for my mom then me. You are the best. Oh and I am still waiting for the postman to send me those leopard sandals. Maybe he has been busy with the holidays 😉

  7. First: I LOOOOVE all the outfits and looks. You are begin fab. (I did a similar post please check it out)
    Second: AWWWWWWWW I saw my initials!! So happy that I’m “one of your girls” *cheesy smole* I will be post more vids this year promise!!

    Many many blessings to you this new year. Last year I stopped with resolutions & starte setting goals. My only goal this year is to get closer to the Lord & I hope everything else I desire will fall into place afterwards.

    Big hugs,

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