Something I Came Across

I came across this story that a teen girl tells about her dad and it made me smile.  Well, it made me cry.  I can’t even explain why, but it touched me.  I thought I’d share…

“Today, my dad is the best dad I could ask for. He’s a loving husband to my mom (always making her laugh), he’s been to every one of my soccer games since I was 5 (I’m 17 now), and he provides for our family as a construction foreman. This morning when I was searching through my dad’s toolbox for a pliers, I found a dirty folded up paper at the bottom. It was an old journal entry in my dad’s handwriting dated exactly one month before the day I was born. It reads, “I am eighteen years old, an alcoholic who is failing out of college, a past cutter, and a child abuse victim with a criminal record of auto theft. And next month, ‘teen father’ will be added to the list. But I swear I will make things right for my little girl. I will be the dad I never had.” And I don’t know how he did it, but he did it.”  

scarf: F21 {similar} | shirt: thrifted {similar} | pants: {similar} | boots: Steve Madden {here} | watch: Target {similar}


12 thoughts on “Something I Came Across

  1. First, I LOVE this and every one of your quotes you display on your first photo. Always priceless, and this one is delivered to a whole lotta people’s mailboxes!! 🙂 The father/daughter relationship is such a special one, and it’s beautiful to see that this lady’s father took it serious, and “looked toward the hills”, even before she was born. A prime example that you don’t have to be perfect in order for God to work wonders in your life, and The Word is FULL of ’em!! Blessings to all…..

  2. Good morning, reminds me that we all have a story. I have one and our GOD and the birth of my son saved my life. I’m not just writing that here but I’ve said it for 12 long years. Becoming a mother drove me to my knees and into the arms of GOD because I knew without a supernatural power I’d fail. Amen! Can I have your top? You look lovely and glowie (is that a word?). I always see moms to be and wonder what I was missing cause I looked uglie, lolol. Love the boots as well. Yesterday mom and I were looking for riding boots but I didn’t find the MK pair I wanted plus South Florida isn’t the place. Well I could but…. ok now i”m rambling 🙂

  3. I’m a new follower, probably for several months now but I just wanted to say Congratulations to you and your hubby on the new addition. Baby bump is too cute and I hope the nausea will take it easy on you.

  4. Touching!!! What a great story, we need more dads liike this in the world….my dad is no longer with me but much like the dad in the story he was always there for me, he was the best dad a girl could wish for * tears*….thx 4 sharing this story!

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