One Dress = 3 Ways

Funny how this post came about…

This is a long maxi dress that I decided to wear in a shorter style.  This short version was what I came up with this morning before heading out the door.  As the day progressed it kept shifting and bunching and getting in the way.  I should have secured it better.

This is the actual length of the dress.  I love wearing it this way because it’s the perfect length, even in heels.  

I came up with this look on my lunch break when the belt finally fell off and I couldn’t get the dress to hang like it was.  I kinda like how it turned out.  Here’s what I did…

Pull up the bottom of the dress.

Grab a big handful of the underside of the dress and secure the bunch with rubber band.

Let the dress back down and you’re done.  Simple as that!

I love an easy DIY, don’t you?


18 thoughts on “One Dress = 3 Ways

  1. Liked the first photo. I thought why can’t I take a casual dress for summer drab to fab for work? But then you did the final DIY and I’m ready to grab some of my basic sundresses and a rubber band from my desk drawer 🙂 Love the blazer and heels! Do tell who and/or where you purchased the shoes PLEASE & THANKS.

  2. I LOVE IT!!!! The blazer is gorgeous, too! I love the color. I am now trying to figure what dress I use this technique on, for a super cute look.

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