DIY: Fringe Necklace

I’m kind of a big fan of fringe on pretty much anything…well…yep…anything!  So, I figured I’d make a necklace.  Here’s how I did it.

Begin with an old shirt any color and preferably thrifted so that it’s worn down and soft.

Next, turn the shirt inside out and cut off the sleeves.

Beginning at the shoulder seem, cut the shoulder seem following the collar band all the way to the other side of the shirt and remove the back completely.

Beginning at the middle cut 1/2 inch strips from the bottom up.

Knot the ends of each strand and you’re done.  Before you knot it, I would suggest trying it on an trimming it down so that it doesn’t go below your waist.

SUMMER:  You can wear like this over a wife beater, a straw fedora, sunnies, denim cutoffs and flips.

SPRING:  You can wear it like this over a button down denim chambray shirt with black leggings and combat boots.

FALL:  You can wear it like this nonchalantly over a black turtleneck with wide-leg highwaisted jeans.

ANYTIME:  You can wear it like this pretty much year-round with anything.

Give it a try and Have fun!


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