Links I Love!

jacket: {similar} | tee: Target {similar} | belt: unknown {similar} | skirt: thrifted dress worn as skirt {similar} | shoes: Speed Limit 98 {similar} | sunnies: MimiBoutique | earrings: thrifted {similar}

I thought I’d change it up today and share with you some fun links I came across recently.  Enjoy!

I love that if I really REALLY wanted to, I could walk out of the house in my jammies.  If they can, I can too.  Thanks for the reminder, Tamu!

I have a feeling that denim on denim is here to say and Allergic to Vanilla is in agreement.

Chicken and dumplin’snever looked so good and soooo easy.  Lexy, you are perfection!

Curly Nikki can do no wrong and this is certainly an event I wish I could have attended.  Fortunately, my cute friend Christina did!

So, I just bought {well, thrifted} like 3 cable sweaters and I know how I want to wear them, but a woman can never have too many options, right Dallas!

I’ve got wedding on the brain and so I was so excited to come across these really cute veilsKhatu found.

This is why I LOVE Jenni.  She makes me realize stuff I already know!

Can I pair leopard with polka dots with electric blue?  YES, please do!

Some people just wake up beautiful.  Thanks for rubbing it in our faces, Easy Fashion!

Check it out Danielle, I’ve decided I need to borrow your blazer, your pants, your scarf and your hair.

I think Anni lives in my head.

Every time I see one of Kristen’s DIY projects it makes me feel creative.

I need to print this out and do it…TODAY

Really, Karla?  Really?  This girls is ALWAYS stunning!

Alright Girls, well that about does it for today.


6 thoughts on “Links I Love!

  1. I like the color of the skirt, looks great on you! And the jacket perfect for this season! Btw, I like your hair bun, I would like to try, but I’m a little afraid its looks good on me, my face its a little chubby! lol But I will try, nothing to loose!! lol Huge hug girl!! xoxo

  2. I like the outfit for Church. This is off the subject but have you or anybody else had trouble finding wave set or setting lotion? Yesterday I had to go to a thrift shop to get it. I guess that’s because of the curly natural hairstyles and all the other new products. Huh, what’s happining?

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