Day of Randomness

blazer: {similar} | shirt: {similar} | earrings: thrifted {similar} | sunnies: MimiBoutique | jeans: {similar} | shoes: Steve Madden – Gorjuss | Watch: Target {similar}

Are you tired of seeing me in these shoes yet?  I can’t get enough of them, clearly.  So excited this week is coming to a close.  It’s been a busy one!  I had another dentist appointment.  I called to make a doctor’s appointment and they can’t see me until the end of November.  How is that even possible?  I’ve been keeping up with my morning workout, every day at 5am.  I BETTER see results or else.  And, I’m still contemplating getting a wig, yes a wig.


17 thoughts on “Day of Randomness

  1. Cute outfit! Loves those shoes. I clicked the link to view the similar pair and the site was blocked by my antivirus because it said it was a malicious site, fyi. You should probably remove it. Hopefully no one else clicks it and gets a virus.

  2. I’m a huge fan of this outfit. I typically shy away from red in my own wardrobe but this combination speaks to me. Thanks for inspiring me to expand my fashion bubble 🙂

  3. This week has been extra busy for me as well. Yesterday I posted about delegating. I’m still learning not to take on too much. I could never tife of those shoes or that blazer but if you are I’ll email my shipping address (:

    1. Hahaha! I think it’s more that the shoes are in like every post. I feel like you guys are tired of seeing them by now. LOL I don’t know if I could part with them. 🙂 Take it easy, busy Lady!

  4. 1. I love those shoes, I can;t get enough of them too. 2. I’m in love with the blazer the color looks beautiful on you! 3. A wig? Serious?? girl your hair is beautiful!! Don’t do that!! lol Just kidding with you!! Wishing you the best!! Huge hug!

  5. Loooove the outfit. That’s my next inspiration. I just picked up a red and mustard collarless (military) blazer from the thrift store for only $6!! Yup, I will definately be trying this style. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂
    BTW why would somebody with great hair want a wig?
    It amazing, how today at work I was sharing with a co-worker, sometimes we think we have it bad, but someone elase may be having it worst than us. That is enough to raise our hands and say Thank you Jesus!!

    1. WHAT? $6? Get out!

      When I was little I hated my hair. I wanted it to be like “everyone else’s” in my class. Now, I’m over that and I appreciate it. There’s tons I can do with it but I’ve never worn it short. I think a short loose curly fro would be dynamite!

  6. Yes your’re right, there’s always something to be thankful for -JUST WAKING UP THIS MORNING!!!!! This outfit looks good. Gr8 color combination. LOVE the shoes! Girl, go ahead and get that W-I-G :=). I was thinking about it myself, but opt for interlocks. Husband not tooo crazy about it, but I’m growing hair out and 80% thinking about going natural. 5am exercise, wow!!-I have to exercise in the evening. I’m not mad at you… GET IT IN.

    1. Love the outfit. You mentioned a wig. I buy wigs and hardly wear them. I don’t know everytime I get a straight haired wig I don’t wear it. I seem to like the curly ones more like me.

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