Four Score and Seven Years Ago…

Okay so it hasn’t exactly been 87 years but remember when I talked about my amazing GLAMSHOOT with Pose N Play Photography’s Tiffany and Tam from Tam’s Glam?  Remember we randomly selected a winner…

I know it seems like a years ago {at least it feels like it for me} since I talked about the GLAMSHOOT and honestly it’s because we had some schedule challenges.  We finally got our act together and got or Glamification on and here’s the proof!  I guess you could say this was my first styling session.

Getting Glamified…

It was funny how this look was styled.  It was pretty much a last second decisions as we were getting ready to walk out the door.  The jeans and shoes are Tammy’s, the top is Tiffany’s and the “belt” is actually my “Chain Reaction” Necklace from Mimi Boutique .

This was the initial look.  You can see the jeans and shoes are the same as the last look.  The top was spectacular.  It sparkles to perfection.  We didn’t have a camisole so we grabbed another black shirt and worked some magic so that the top wasn’t entirely see through.  Aren’t the earrings just amazing?  That Tam sure has talent!

We had a blast!  I felt like Rachel Zoe.  LOL  Hardly!

It was suuuch a great time.  Three hours later and we were done.  As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun!


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