Fabric of My Life According to Instagram

St. Regis Monarch Resort

chocolate chip cookies and coffee

A bizillion things to do

A lot on my mind

Thanking God for my mother’s public acceptance of Christ in her life.

Football Friday {Go Centaurs!}

Soccer Saturday {Go All-Stars!!}

I’ve misssed you FASHION DU JOUR!


12 thoughts on “Fabric of My Life According to Instagram

  1. Great view of St. Regis Monarch Resort. Oh how I need a vacation!!!!! I’m sure we all do :=). Praise God to your mom. Even though we do have a long to-do list, sometimes we have to “refresh” ourselves. I’ve learned I have to give myself at least 10 mins to relax , clear my mind before I jump back into the jungle again.

  2. I am such a fan of your blog. I have been coming here to check if there are any new posts. I just love how your mind works and your general perspective on things. Keep up the good work.

    Much Love,

    South Africa

  3. I’ve missed you too. I’ve been looking for your post I even put you under another email just in case I had lost you. I learned from friends that good works don’t get you , it’s a kind heart.

  4. Girl,
    Where have you been???? I can scratch you off of my list of things to do because you were def. getting an e-mail today since I am off. xoxo

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