Running on Emtpy

I often leave work with 589,246 to-do’s on my mind each one battling for a position in my 1 hour of free time between 5-6pm.  On most days, this is the hour the the hubs is picking up kids and bringing them home.  Should I run to Target and get that stuff for my hair…should I start on that DIY that I’ve mean meaning to try…should I go to the market and get something for dinner…should I go to the gym for a quick workout….should I upload the pictures that I took on my lunch break…should I finish writing the post that I began at 1 am this morning (but fell asleep on halfway through)…should I stop at the thrift….

The other day as I was getting into the car after a long day’s work, suffering from “should-i-itis” as usual, I threw my cell phone on the passenger seat with one hand, and with my other hand I plopped by purse and laptop right on top of it.  I had a post -it stuck to my arm to remind me to swing by the cleaners to drop off the Hub’s shirts, run to Albertson’s to get a list of items for dinner, take the ground turkey out of the deep freezer for dinner tomorrow and upload my pictures.  I always call the Hubs to let him know I’m headed home and to see if he has anymore to-do’s that I might have forgotten.  Then it hits me…WHERE DID I PUT MY PHONE?  I panic because I’m sure that Hubs is probably calling me wondering where I am and concerned.  I’m looking on the floor by my feet.  I’m looking in the crevice between the center console and my seatbelt confident that it had fallen there.  I’m checking the door compartment.  Finally, I decide that I must have left the phone at work.  I flip a u-turn and head back to work knowing that I now only have about 45 minutes until the family pulls up into the driveway.  I’m sweating {per usual}.  I pull into the driveway, park and jump out of the truck…all in one fell swoop mind you, and dash to the front entrance of the building, only to remember that the front door gets locked at 5:00:01 pm and there was no chance I’d be getting in.  35 minutes.  I run over to the driveway gate, attempt to remember the code.  After about 93 failed attempts I finally remember and the gate slowly creaks open.  30 minutes.  I get to my desk and begin and all points search like I’ve lost a child or something.  NOTHING!  Did it accidentally fall in the trash?  No, the paperplate from lunch was still in there.  Is it plugged into the charger under my desk.  No, the cord is gone.  Did I put in it in the back of my file cabinet?  AGGHHH!  I mean I looked everywhere.  20 minutes.  Defeated and with no time to spare, I run back outside to the car, swing open the door and what do I hear?  My phone.  Of course.  It was hiding in plain sight right where I put it, under my purse, under my laptop bag.  When I answer my phone, it’s my sweet hubs asking why did I sound all out of breath.  To which I grunt, I’m fine.

Have you ever had one of those days or better yet, one of these weeks?  Where you feel like you’re chasing an elusive list of tasks and for every one item you check off two more appear.   I call this running on empty.  When you feel like you’re just barely keeping you’re head above water and if that one person says that one thing it might just set you over the edge.

…oh were you waiting me to give you some kind of “solution”? lol  I’ve got news, I have those days too and I don’t always know what to do with myself.  What do you do on those days or weeks when you just want to get back in bed and sleep it out?


6 thoughts on “Running on Emtpy

  1. Somedays I really do get back in bed and watch tv, lolol. No really. I just don’t do anything but that’s when I really know I’m running on empty. What I am learning to do when I have such a day is pause and seek God’s peace so as not to become overly frazzled. I’ve been in such heated battles lately with the enemy that I am saying more NOs to doing so much and more to sitting in peace spending time with God. This post speaks volumes to how we as women, run, run and run.

  2. I pray for peace of mind. I also try and remind myself that I am only physically capable of doing ONE THING at a time. During those times, I know that is the only way that I will get through it because my mind will deceive me into thinking that things are A LOT worse than they actually are and I start spiraling out of control… that’s never good! lol xo, Rita

  3. Hello my dear sister,
    I must admit that I live that kind of day several times a week and can only say I feel your pain. Be grateful that you have several outlets like the hug of your hubby or a kiss from your kids that help you endure. I really believe that it’s the business of it all that makes us crazy and the praise God for Sundays that fill us to get us through!

    BTW– I have been reading your blog for more than a year now and never made a comment but I do love your site and get so much out of it. Keep doing what you doing ;0)

  4. Too funny. My new thing is lists for specific days like Mondays dealing with my mom’s stuff, Tuesdays I work on stuff for my new position, etc. I am finding it is pretty helpful and I am productive (I only have done it for a week)

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