Life Management

I thought I’d share with with you a little about the recent events in my personal life – I promise I’ll keep all the gory details to myself.  🙂

Several months ago, the hubs and I were invited to a couples bible study by a good friend of his.  His friend had been thinking about getting one started for quite some time and finally he just decided to pick up the phone, make some calls and invite some couples over.  Jon and I were glad we were one of the couples on that list.  We had never been to a couples bible study so we were curious to find out what it would be about and excited to have a good reason to get a night out together with other adults.  We made plans for the kiddos and made our way out to bible study.  When we got there, we were greeted by Jon’s friend and his gorgeous wife.  We were waiting for one other couple, but after some brief introductions we got started.  It turned out that we were going to be doing one or Pastor Rick Warren’s small group studies.  It was called, “Life Management 501”.  Having done Pastor Rick Warren’s “Purpose Driven Life” and “Purpose Driven Church” in our church’s corporate bible study, Jon and I were very familiar with Pastor Rick Warrens methods and style so we were relieved.  The bible study focused on getting our lives aligned with what God desires for us not only spiritually but in every aspect.  I liked the fact that it spoke to each of us as individuals as well as a couple.  The format was a video accompanied by a workbook.  

I don’t remember how many weeks the bible study lasted, I want to say six, but what I loved most about it was that all of the information was practical and relatable.  Pastor Rick has a way of breaking things down to the lowest common denominator.  Even with all of this information at our fingertips, Pastor Rick still never promises that you will end the bible study feeling like a whole new person, but he does promise that these are the tools to work on yourself with and if  you apply them earnestly, you’ll become a better you, day by day.   That really resonated with me because I’m the kind of person that expects result almost instantaneously and when I don’t see result to an effort that I’ve made I tend to get discouraged.  With this bible study, that pressure to see an immediate shift is non-existent, but what’s so cool is that I DID see an immediate change in myself and my husband. 

When it was all said and done, this was something that Jon and I just couldn’t keep to ourselves.  Recognizing the need to reach out to and sharpen the youth in and outside of  church, we spoke with our Pastor to get permission to have a small group bible study of our own.  It was tricky because this wouldn’t be sponsored by the church o the costs of materials, advertising, etc. would be up to us.  Permission was granted and we began inviting a few people.  The more we talked about it, the more we realized that  we enjoyed the other bible study so much because it was an intimate and safe atmosphere where we all felt comfortable to be candid.  So, we agreed that we didn’t want the group to get huge and since this was somewhat experimental we wanted to keep it manageable.

Starting the first week in October, the hubs and I will be hosting the first night of a six week Life Management Bible Study for young adults between the ages of 25-35.  We’re really excited and anxious at the same time because we want so much for this to be something that will edify each person who walks through the door.  We’re not doing something just to do it.  So, we hope you’ll pray along with us that God’s will, not our will, be done in this bible study.  

Oh, and p.s. I wore this outfit to a baby shower on August 21st {but as you know I don’t always post my outfits right away}.  Anyways, I smiled when I saw Maegan from …lovemaegan wearing a very similar outfit to Fashion’s Night Out last week.  =)  If Maegan wore it than surely I’m on the right track.  lol Of course my jeans weren’t sent to me from J Brand but that would have been WAY cool if they had been. 


17 thoughts on “Life Management

  1. This is so nice. I try to read the Bible but I admit I don’t read it everyday. I seem to have a hard time getting to it. However somebody told me not to worry about that. Just try to live the basic principles.

    1. Reading the bible daily IS a task, but like anything if you make it a priority, it’ll happen. I don’t read the bible every day, but I do read scriptural based devotional stories. They offer nuggets of biblical information in a modern way.

  2. This is great! I am in search of a teaching bible study, that’s more study than preaching and this is great that you and your husband are doing this for the youth. May God bless it!

    I love your outfit those pink pants are too cute!

    1. Thank you, Inez! It was time for us to take action! Hubs and I are always brainstorming about ways to help others and invigorate the youth. I pray God will bless it, and I can’t wait to see how! 🙂

    1. Thanks Shanda! We’re looking forward to the expereince and gleaning from the life experiences of others. I pray that this will not only enrich and edify the lifes of our friends, but our lives as well!

  3. Loving those jeans. What a blessing for the class. That is super awesome. It would be cool if you could e-mail your Chi-town buddy some notes. Wink, wink:)

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