Are You Ready for Some Football?

Pop Warner Football that is!  I think I’ve said it before but just in case you need a reminder, I really enjoy watching football.  I love the sound of football on TV on a Saturday morning.  It reminds me of Sunday mornings when I was little, before my parents got divorced.  It was almost like a ritual; my brothers and I would wake up and turn on some cartoons only to be interrupted by my dad who would turn the football game on, much to our chagrin, and then fall asleep on the couch.  My mom would then come home {after spending literally 5 hours at the gym} with a dozen donuts for us.  It was our Sunday morning treat.  Of course back then, my brothers and I would fuss and complain because we wanted to watch our cartoons, but we’d always end up just getting dressed and going outside to play.  Which brings me to another point which I’ll share in tomorrow’s post. 

So, the shorts I’m wearing were once upon a time a pair of long denim jeans.  They shrunk in length so I took the scissors to them.  With pieces of the leftover fabric I made the necklace.  I just made leaf cut outs and slipped them on an abandoned necklace from my jewelry tray.  I also made the black cuff out of the left over scraps.  The closure is just a button that I had laying around.  I sewed the button onto one end and then made a slit on the other end.  Likey?  

Oh and I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day!



8 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Some Football?

  1. The necklace is crafty and re-purposing an item of clothing is something I learned to do well after starting to stalk blogs, lol. I am addicted to college football…Go Seminoles!!

  2. aaww, childhood memories, specially the good kind are the best. About sport, ones upon a time I was a sport lover from boxing to soccer, but somehow along the yrs I completely lost interest in most sports.

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