40 Bags for 40 Days

I’m kind of thinking I need to do a clean out. A few weekends ago I did a relatively big housecleaning but I didn’t get down to organizing and cleaning out stuff {ie. empty drawers, cleaning out the car, getting my recyclables together, etc.) God decided to remind me of this while I was browsing Pinterest {my new found favorite pastime}. He had me stumble upon a 40 Bags for 40 Days pin listing just that. It’s a list of 40 places in and around the home to clean out and bag up. Apparently “Lucy” is the daughter of the author of this list.  Good idea, right? A girl like me needs motivation and LISTS are my kinda motivation. So I think I’ll kick this off next week. LOL Now before you judge me, yes, I’m a lover of lists, but I’m an even greater lover of setting reasonable time lines to accomplish my goals (otherwise known as procrastinating). Seriously though, I think if I start in a week, I’ll be more likely to stick with it.  Wish me luck and join in…if you dare. 



9 thoughts on “40 Bags for 40 Days

  1. Girl you make me feel so good. Today I did a seasonal workover. I WENT INTO BOTH CLOSETS AND TOOK ALL THE WINTER hats out and moved my summer hats out. I have my shoes out all lined up in boxes. Sometimes you do thinnnnnngs in the moment without thinking. I usualy make lists but have to remoind myself if I don;t finish everything

  2. I really love this idea. I, too, am a fan of lists. I’m also a fan of what you have delightfully identified as “reasonable timelines.” Is 40 bags in 40 WEEKS too long of a timeline :-)?

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