Are You Alone?

All too often, our thoughts and conversations reveal that we wrestle with memories of people who have moved on and events that don’t really matter.  Consequently, the people who surround us now are kept on hold while we invest massive amounts of attention to areas of the past that are dead and possess no ability to reward.  It is like slow dancing alone, or singing harmony when there is no melody.  There’s something missing that causes our presentation to lose its luster.  Stop the music!  Your partner is gone and you are dancing by yourself. 

I think that the greatest of all depressions comes when we live and gather our successes just to prove something to someone who isn’t even looking.  The problem is we can’t really appreciate our own success because they are done BY US but not FOR US.  They are done in the name of a person, place or thing that has moved on, leaving us trapped in a time warp, wondering why we are not fulfilled by our job, ministry, or good fortune.

God did most of His work on creation with no one around to applaud His accomplishments.  So He praised Himself.  He said, “It was good!”  Have you stopped to appreciate what God has allowed you to accomplish, or have you been too busy trying to make an impression on someone?  No one paints for the blind or sings for the deaf.  Their level of appreciation is hindered by their physical limitations.  Although they may be fine connoisseurs in some other arena, they will never appreciate what they can’t detect. 

Clap for the people whose absence teaches us the gift of being alone.  Somewhere beyond loneliness there is contentment, and contentment is born out of necessity.  It springs up in the heart that lives in an empty house, and in the smile that comes on the face of a person who has amused herself with her own thoughts.


{p.s. if you were “lucky” enough to see my crazy Feliz Cumpleanos post, pay no attention.  No, I’m not suffering from dyslexia or illiteracy, I was literally falling asleep while I was writing it and thought I had saved it in my drafts, but alas, of course I hit publish instead.  This morning the Hubs told me I had a “gang” of typos on my post. I stumbled out of bed to the computer and to my mortification I saw the post.  Long story short…disregard.}




14 thoughts on “Are You Alone?

  1. I am always so inspired by ur ur clothes. ..But also what u write! Im a long time reader but this is mu first comment. Thank u for this ppost. It spoke to my heart!

  2. You’re always so insightful. Very nice post! And I enjoyed feliz Cumpleanos typos and all!!! How nic of her to come see you. Glad you enjoyed your birthday.

    1. LOL! Girl! That post was a disaster. Hubs told me to go to sleep and I didn’t listen. See what I get? LOL

      About today’s post, I read a lot of random stories about people online who for one reason or another leave me inspired to write. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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