Big Rocks First

A college professor teaching a course on time management set a large jar on his desk and filled it with big rocks.  He asked his students this, “Is this jar full?”  They said yes.  Then he poured a bag of small gravel into the jar.  He asked, “Is this jar full?” and again received a “yes’ answer.  Then he poured in a bag of sand and a pitcher of water until all the crevices of the jar were filled.  Then he asked, “Alright, what does this illustration teach us?”  One student replied, “That’s easy.  It teaches us that no matter how busy your life is, you can always make room for more.”  “No, you’ve missed the point completely!” the professor said, “This illustration teaches us that if you don’t put the big rocks in first, you’ll never get them in at all.” 

This is a great life lesson.  The big rocks are life’s priorities, and they have to be first on our priorities or they’ll get crowded out by other things.


8 thoughts on “Big Rocks First

  1. Excellent point indeed. I think one of the issues would be is the people fo not know what the “big rocks” (priorities) are and that’s why their jar (life) is nutty. Love your hair. Oh and I dyed mine. It’s 3 different colors. Will do a post soon. I am still leaving the post up about my mom as the first one people see for another few days.

  2. How true is that??? I love it. Put the big things in first!
    On another note, love the shades! I have a pair that look like these. I picked them up from Bliss.

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