What’s A Mom To Do

It’s not very often that I voice my concerns about my family life on this here blog and no that’s not because I live a worry-free life of shopping, lunching and picture-taking, but more so because I don’t like to complain or worry.  I’m a strong believer that life and death is in the power of the tongue so speaking these “fears” into the atmosphere is something I try not to do.  

Let’s rewind and say that what I’m talking about today is not a worry or a concern, it’s an effort to solicit your feedback and suggestions.  Here’s the situation…

Jaxon, my super handsome-cuddly-preaching-basketball playing-astronaut-3 year old son is a VERY selective eater.  He likes to eat chicken nuggets.  Fortunately, he’s open to all kinds of chicken nuggets not just McDonalds’ but the issue is that aside from this he really doesn’t entertain the idea of trying new things.  While chicken nuggets are his number one dinnertime (and breakfast and lunch) option, he will have the occasional cup of yogurt, bowl of oatmeal, handful of grapes, bag of popcorn, nibbles of pancakes, corner of pizza crust {yes, just the crust}, or PB&J sandwich {really just the J}.

I know he needs more veggies big time, so I tried making smoothies for him and mixing in ¼ cup of finely ground up frozen veggies.  That worked for all of a day and a half until he started to see “green stuffs” in his smoothie.  I tried making pancakes with fruit spiked batter…fail.  He ate around the fruit {I was kind of impressed by how neatly he ate every speckle of pancake from the fruit, actually}. 

We’ve experienced dinner time gone bad, with shouting, kicking and screaming when we try to get him to eat something he doesn’t like and trust me, it’s not a pretty sight. 

Funny thing is, I know someone with a son about the same age as Jaxon, whose name is also Jaxon and has some of the same issues with his little guy.  We’re both stumped. 

So, FDJD Community, I turn to you for your suggestions and thoughts.  Are any of you mothers of picky eaters?  How did you conquer this? 

P.S. Yes, my camera has decided she hates me today {again} resulting in these crazy-washed out pics.  Oh and by the way, you might a recent post where I talked about the outfit that didn’t make the cut.  I did an outfit swap out after feeling kind of “meeh” about my first  go around and this is what I ended up wearing to work.


36 thoughts on “What’s A Mom To Do

  1. Aww sucks. I had siniliar troubles with me step daughter she was 6 though. Mac and cheese was a fave & canned spaghetti. Her issue was more eating too slow she would take up to an hr so I bought a timer. That helped for a bit.

  2. My soon to be 4 year old is a super picky eater. He’s been like this for a very long time. He’s always been low on the weight charts so because of it, I’ve had to supplement his diet with nutritional shakes. He loves them. Now though his teachers are worried about the sugar intake in them so I now mix them with more milk. He doesn’t seem to mind. What also helps with his pickiness is that I involve him in the decision making on what he wants to eat. I only give him two choices to make it simple. Don’t give too many options. Also, I try to get him involved on making the meal too. Of course there are limitations on what he can and can’t do. He loves to make his own pizza. Just the idea of throwing all the toppings on the pizza is fun for him. With the chicken nuggets, he doesn’t like the ones that are super breaded, he just wants the moist chicken inside. He’s so weird like that. With PB&J, I’ve gotten different shapes to make his sandwiches (dinosaur, star and just a regular square with the crust cut off). I hope this helps you out.

    1. There are good! We got some ensure shakes last night. I’m also a little worried about the sugar. The fat I could care less because I know at this age good fats are good for them. I cut the crust off of his jelly burgers too. Your kiddo and mine can share nuggets. Jaxon will eat the outside and your guy can eat the inside. lol He just eats the crust of pizza but maybe if we do a homemade pizza he’ll give it a try. good stuff!

  3. my (youthful) opinion based on experience 🙂

    My youngest brother was very much a picky eater. All he would eat was rice, PB&J, chicken nuggets, and fries…but as he got older (He is now 11), He really basically grew out of it. Aside from the occasional, “oh, u gonna eat it!” from the parents; and us siblings scaring him with some of the consequences of unhealthy eating (:D) he learned that he NEEDED certain things to stay well nourished. And as he grew out of the fear of “trying new things” he realized, “Hey, these greens or these cabbages aren’t so bad after all.” So I think when he learns some of the good things that come along with certain foods (“pretty hair and skin like mommy, strong bones, or muscles and height like daddy”), he will begin to at least try new things…

    1. Hey Natalie! Thank for sharing your experience! It’s so funny because the stuff we think is SO good, they hate. I tried again last night with giving Jaxon some plain spaghetti noodles. I even let him play with them. We negotiated. I told him to eat one noodle and then he can go watch a show. He put one noodle in his mouth and then began to spit it out to the point of almost making himself throw up. At least I got him to taste it though. 🙂

      1. Oh…Jaxon :/

        Well, I think he’ll get better Leslie..I guess you could say there’s nothing wrong with just not likeing certian things if you have tried it and discovered you actually don’t like it. So just by getting him to try it, I think we’re makin progress.

        He is in my prayers, Keep us posted on him 😉

  4. Hey Leslie,
    Your little guy will be OK. Your doctor already reassured you he is healthy. As a preschool educator, every child is different. Some children are visual eater. If it’s not something they are used to seeing, forget about it. Sometimes you may have to take the attention away from “It’s vegetables so you have to eat it”. Try involving Jaxton when preparing his food and allow him to have hands on experience which will probably encourage him to want to try it. (you also have to model it for him too ) Just remember, he is still young with a small stomach ( When he’s hungry HE WILL EAT.
    Here is an article, hope this help
    God bless

    1. This is a VERY good article. I didnt realize there was a name for people who don’t like to try new things; “neophobic”. Very interesting. I love the ideas she shares. Thank you for this Richi!

  5. Hey Les, As you know, I do not have any kids but I do have LOADS of experience with picky eater. All of my cousins that are 10 years or more younger than me were picky eaters! (We older kids never had the opportunity…younger parents w/less patience perhaps?) Anyway, one would only eat penny’s, crayons, paper, children’s mini wieners, bun-les burgers, butter packets, half & half creamers and if we were lucky, bites of various fast food meals or TV dinners (we were seriously worried about her but luckily she breast fed til 3…her mother kind of had no choice), Another preferred to eat noodles w/butter or cereal! If she allowed sauce on her noodles she carefully monitored the amount, milk on cereal received the same treatment. Another cousin, was all over the place when it came to food and a very strange eater (still is to this day). Typical directions for ordering his burger, “no red stuff, no green stuff, no white stuff and a little bit of yellow stuff!” Order the burger the same way a week later and it was like “where’s the green stuff.?” (I still do not know if that was pickles or lettuce). Also no crust on his sandwiches and he could not possibly remove it himself! Anyway all were very picky eaters, all survived and all now have quirky eating habits to this day but enjoy a variety of foods. What I observed was 1) they were still offered other types of food 2) they were encouraged to try foods they didnt like (just like we were) even if it was a known fact that they didn’t like it (“take a little bite”) 3) sometimes they just didn’t get the noodles sometimes for several days because it wasn’t available or made available and last but not least 4) Supplements! A chewable vitamin (I even eat the gummy bear ones…yum!) or Kids Ensure (which I hear taste really good). But he is so little he’s probably getting what he needs, He just know what he likes and what tastes good. Apparently chicken nuggets haven’t let him down yet (hmmm, maybe if they don’t taste as good…?), lol. Veggies and fruits same thing when it comes to kids. I for sure didn’t eat veggies(notorious former breath holder while eating veggies =d)
    But anyway check out these 2 books I heard controversy about
    Hope this helps

    1. This was the comedic relief I needed. You’re the best Cammy. We HAVE to get together the next time you’re out this way. We did children’s ensure for alittle while. We may start that again. Jolai recommended Jessica Seinfeld as well. Okay, sounds like a winner! LOL Tonight Jaxon wanted a Jelly Burger which is basically a sandwich with just jelly, no peanut butter.

      1. Lol, my family is a mess with all those crazy kiddos. But give Ensure another try! Everyone I know who drank it enjoyed the taste and they have lots of flavors (as you probably know). The picky eater cousin who didn’t like a lot of “stuff” and still eats his pancakes from the center out (smh), still drinks it because he is 20 and looks malnourished (he’s just really short & skinny and is trying to get bigger), lol. Toni also drank it in college because she was underweight/vitamin deficient at one point. Jax is on to something, when I was a kid I also loved “Jelly Burgers” while my cousin Vic liked peanut butter *shrug* We def need to meet up soon but I know how busy you are! (I think of you most at Target especially the one by your house! Lol)

        1. Pancakes from the inside out! LOL That’s a new one. Jaxon eats his nuggest, skin first and then the center, but only after he’s eaten all the skin off of all the nuggets. He’s my little guy. Okay you know what, the next time you go to Target by my house, CALL ME or TEXT ME.

  6. I wish you can solve your little problem with the nutrition for your kid. I bet you are doing a great job with him, but on these days with the Mc Donald and the Burger King nuggets choice, its hard to find a balance meal for them. I’m not a mom, I don’t have kids, but I’m a auntie/permissive/cool/spoilish(I don’t know if this a right word?) type, I have 1 niece and 3 nephews nuggets “addicts”, so I know what are you talking about! lol So good luck with your new mission. You will do it great!

    BTW, the shirt looks so nice and chic with the necklace, and I would love to see your hair, because i notice you have like a nice hair job done or a hair “bun”? Sorry for hear about your camera going crazy!! lol

  7. Sorry…I don’t mean to ignore the topic but I don’t have kids and don’t have much experience with picky eaters….but I did want to comment on your hair in this post and the one from the 20th. It’s gorgeous!!! What did you do to style it that way?

    1. No worries! I completely understand. Before I had children they were the furthest thing from my radar! LOL My hair (thanks) well, there’s a story behind it. When I was in Alabama I tried wearing my hair down but the humidity said otherwise, so with a handful of bobby pins I braided it (recently learned how) on one side all the way around the back of my head to the otherside and pinned the braid down. I then grabbed chunks of the hanging hair and began pining it down and pulling it apart for volume. I left a chunk of hair in the front top of my head out so that I could swoop it around the front and create kind of a bang look. I think I’ll do a video becasue I’m sure this makes absolutely no sense. LOL

  8. I have a picky eater, but right now the smoothie is working for me. Regardless I always try, even though I know he will most likely toss it to our dog. I feel better knowing I’m trying and not just giving him what he wants. Sometimes veggies in spaghetti works for him, but that’s every now and then.

    1. That’s a good point. As long as I don’t give up and keep trying. I was thinking of maybe making some popsicles with frozen veggies. However, I do hear that if kids are eatting fruits, this can be just as healthy as eating the veggies too!

  9. My firstborn who is now 19, in his second year of College and plays Football was a VERY picky eater and my baby who is now 7 is very picky. My son’s Pediatrician said as long as he’s eating something, he’s getting nutrients he needs. If he likes chicken nuggets, feed him chicken nuggets. The ketchup has tomatoes in it! The nuggets are chicken, a healthy meat and the coating is bread! Continue to introduce new foods slowly. As he gets older, he’ll try new foods. My son is 19 and til’ this day, he still loves pizza and burgers. But I also know that he enjoys barbequed chicken, spaghetti, lasagna and certain soul foods if I push the issue! LOL. But while away at college, he loves McDonald’s, In and Out and Jamba Juice and Chipotle! So…we send him gift cards to those restaurants! He’s just fine and he plays college football. Because I experienced this with Preon, I’m more than prepared with Haley and I fix her favorites while offering new foods and suggesting veggies one teaspoon at a time! Hope this helps. By the way, my 18 year old daughter is a Pescatarian (sp) and my 11 year old will try anything once so mealtime I home has always been and continues to be “adventurous”!

    1. Hey Nikki! This makes me feel so much better! Now that I thikn about it, the times that we have experimented, Jaxon hasnt been to turned off by seafood, when it’s fried. This is good stuff Girl. Maybe I’ll just bring Jaxon over to your house! LOL XOXO We have to get together some time. 🙂

  10. Hey lady! What I’ve found is that the squeezable fruit works for Averi. Although she isn’t picky, I have a nephew that doesn’t eat his fruits or veggies either, but he tears the squeezable fruits/veggies up. I think because he thinks it’s sone sort of a juice. Anyhow, Earth’s Best, Happy Tots, Ella’s Dad, and Plum are a few of the brands that make them and they’re at Target in the baby food section. I hope this helps!! Oh, and by the way, I cannot find the Steve Madden Gorjess shoes anywhere!!! Help immediately-lol!!!

    1. You know what? I saw those and I was wondering what they were and if they were just the newest gimmick. I think I’ll give it a try. If it looks like something fun, he might try it. Girl, those Steve Maddens are ghost! I havent seen them anywhere either! LOL I might start taking bids on mine. LOL Just kidding

      1. You noticed!!! LOL!! Yes, its finally done!! There are a few more tweaks I need to add to it, but yes, I finally got it finished!! Thanks!! By the way, since I can’t get the Steve Madden Gorjess, I’m thinking about the Annnie-check ’em out and tell me what you think 🙂

  11. I had three very very picky eaters (my oldest daughter would only eat white food, for example). My ex-husband catered to them. It got to the point where I had to made 4 different meals for every dinner. After my divorce, I stopped doing that. I firmly believe that the more attention you give to this situation and the more you cater to their wants (because it’s a want and not a need), the worse it gets. They ate what I cooked or they could make themselves a PB&J sandwich. That was it. I did try to make things that they would like, but gone were the days of making three different vegetables three different ways. It wasn’t worth the fight and the added stress at my dinner table every single night. I also didn’t keep snack food or sodas in the house — seriously, I couldn’t afford it, but I also never ate that stuff as a kid, so I never developed the taste for it as an adult. (I am not this super healthy granola eater either). My kids are now grown — and they try almost everything and like so many different foods.

    1. LOL! So so true! I can barely figure out one meal a day! The doctors say he’s fine. He doesn’t show any signs of malnutrition or anything like that. He’s not underweight. He’s a normal little guy. PRAISE GOD! I just don’t like that he doesn’t eat. We didn’t have a ton of snacks while I was growing up either. My mom was HARDCORE. LOL Our snacks were raisins scooped out of a canister into a sandwich bag. We didnt even get the little red Sun Maid boxes. LOL Funny enough I love snacking. It doesn’t necessarily have to be junk food like chips and cookies {although I’ll get to work on those too} but mostly anything quick and easy. This sounds gross but I love eating tunafish from a can with mayo and salt. Okay so I have no clue how we got on my eating habits. Anyways, we dont buy a lot of junk so I’m not really worried in that regard, I just want him to eat more! 🙂

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