Something Borrowed

Many of you know that when I come across something in my daily devotional reading that I can relate to in a REAL way, I like to share it here on my blog.  Today is no different.  I’d like to share some excerpts from today’s devotional reading

Many of us check off neatly penciled boxes. Some draw lines through the tasks we’ve finished. A select few of us even add tasks that we’ve already completed to our list so that we’ve got accurate accomplishment records at the end of the day! (Present company included!) Some of us keep track of what we need to do each day in our heads, while others track progress of daily goals electronically.

There are days I fluff up my list. Instead of simply writing, “Do three loads of laundry,” I’ll create twelve list items to check off that read:

  • Wash whites
  • Dry whites
  • Fold/hang whites
  • Put away whites
  • Wash colors
  • Dry colors
  • Fold/hang colors
  • Put away colors
  • Wash darks
  • Dry darks
  • Fold/hang darks
  • Put away darks

Oh, how I love to check boxes! Why? I want to be a productive woman. I want my work to matter. It’s pretty much a daily struggle for me. As an eternal optimist, I wake up anticipating that the seconds, minutes, and hours of each day will bend to cooperate with the demands of my list.

Yeah, right.

I’m such a dreamer. It just never seems to work out that simply or efficiently.

I’m guessing that you are in this daily struggle with me. Right? No matter what it looks like, thinks like, or prints off like, many of us feel overwhelmed by the abyss of a rarely satisfied to-do list. We face constant demands that call to us and vie for our attention. We sift through the essentials and the fire drills, then we go to bed, wake up, and do it all again. The abyss of a to-do list can be so exhausting!

Your list looks different from mine. We all have unique ministries, friendships, jobs, responsibilities, and families. Whether you are in the work force, unemployed, or retired or a stay-at-home mom, a single mom, or an empty nester – a wife, a widow, a single woman, or a divorcee – God can and will give you strength for each day when you prioritize Him and fear Him.


7 thoughts on “Something Borrowed

  1. Thank you for these words. I’m always reading a post a long time after it is posted and I say because GOD knew what day I needed it. Love the outfit! You gave us the office you and I like it 🙂

  2. I love this post! I love how you altered your list of to-do things. By the way I like your outfit. Simple and effortless 🙂

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