Alabama or Bust…or something like that

During the first week of August, the family and I boarded a plane and headed to Mobile, Alabama to spend the week in fellowship and worship for our church’s convocation.  We had an awesome time and my husband and I both agreed that it was one of the best convocations we’d had in a while.

While there, I did manage to get away with the hubs to meetup with Janel of Janel’s Fashion Journey.  Janel is a girl I met and have grown to adore through this here blog.  She lives in Alabama, so I figured I’d squeeze in a little girl lunch date {and drag the hubs along} while I was in town.  I say drag because the hubs wasn’t exactly doing flips when I told him my plans of meeting up for blog talk.  However, that soon changed after he met Janel’s boyfriend, Johnny, who is a Laker fan.  So, the guys talked basketball and us girls chatted about everything else, even plans of how we’re going to paint the town red when she and Johnny come out to L.A. soon!  Can’t wait!



9 thoughts on “Alabama or Bust…or something like that

  1. Don’t you just love Mobile! My dad’s family is from there and we visit almost every other year…SERIOUSLY country lol! I’m glad you and your hubs enjoyed your time 🙂 Bloggers Unite <3!

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