The Outfit That Never Was

The reason I call this the outfit that never was is because I had envisioned this outfit in my head, put it on, and something about it was…for lack of a better word “off”.  Clearly I was going for the whole stripes-and-color mixing trend but I don’t know.  It just didn’t work out exactly as I thought.  Who knows, I might work up the courage to wear this outfit outdoors.  The outfit I actually did wear was a version of this and you’ll see it in an upcoming post.  Oh and do you recognize the sweater from yesterday’s post? 


12 thoughts on “The Outfit That Never Was

  1. I love the contrast of the outfit, I will wear it with a statement necklace, it will looks chic and elegant. But you can wear it like this, I just love it. Sometimes we need to try something different!

  2. Nice outfit to wear in an office. I must tell you though I went thrifting today. I found a pair for jeans I have trouble finding in regular stores. With the new jeans I’m always afraid my undies will show because of the low waist. The jeans are almost new and fit perfect. I was lucky. I went to the Goodwill Store accross town and they had a large shipment of denims.

  3. Are u kidding me? I actually love this look! A whole lot! The green stripes and black and white stripes works so nicely together, and I love how you used a gold belt to break it apart! And lets not get into the shoes cuz u know how I feel about them already! *sigh* Anyways lady you look amazing! xoxo Ty

    1. Funny thing I was confident about it until I stepped out of the closet and the Hubs gave me the side eye. It was kind of it from there. When I changed into the outfit I eventually wore, the Hubs seemed to like it much better. LOL

  4. I immediately recognized the sweater! I love mixing and matching for unusual looks sometimes as well!

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