TIMEOUT from all the gorgeous, glamorous pictures from the GLAMSHOOT.  Are you getting sick of looking at my face yet?  I am.  LOL I love how the GLAMSHOOT turned out.  Tiffany (www.posenplayphotography.com) and Tam (TAM’S GLAM) were a dream, but it’s a little overwhelming.  LOL  It’s okay, you can agree.  It’s kind of like when an infant is brought into a room with tons of toys and noise and people and she begins to cry from over-stimulation.  I won’t go as far as to say that I cried like a baby, but I get really weird about compliments and it just makes me feel awkward.  I’m totally just humbled and really just at a loss for words.  Wierd, I know.  I just had to take a short timeout from all the glam…okay, timeouts over.  Countdown to…


9 thoughts on “TIMEOUT

  1. Leslie you are a complete and beautiful woman. You were blessed with amazing genes- therefore, you can’t help but to be pretty (blame your mama and papa LOL). And those who choose to acknowledge it will always let you know 🙂 Anyhoo,the pics were stunning and you deserved that moment. Please take every compliment in stride and continue on 🙂

    PS hopefully all the sweet compliments will not shy you away from blogging…

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