Alright so here they are…well just a few of them.  They turned out pretty amazing, right?  You’ll find more soon on www.posenplayphotography.com .  

As I shared with you, I had the opportunity to do a photoshoot with Tiffany from Pose N Play Photography and Tam with TAM’s GLAM Earrings & Accessories and when I say I had a ball…I had a ball!!!!!!  Here are the themes we selected and the shots we got.


Here’s another clue about the big announcement…

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, this announcement will be just for you!  Get ready for the GLAM reveal!


32 thoughts on “:::G L A M S H O O T:::THE SHOOT

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  2. Lawd hammercy!!! You are absolutely GORGEOUS in these photos!! Love all the looks (I think pin-up girl is my fave!), and what amazing earrings they draped you in!! Beautiful lady, fabulous styling, great job!!

  3. I knew you were beautiful but this fireworks presentation of GOD’S design is spectacular! The Pocahantas Princess is my absolute favorite. You look so fierce without it spearing staged. Xo!

  4. Jem, I LOVED Jem. I even had a Jem doll…where is she??? I digress. These photos are sooo freaking cute. You my friend are so dang adorable in your Pretty Poc Princess pics yay for you 🙂 Love it!!!!

  5. I really love those looks…. I like the 50’s styles (hair and clothing). I see you’re a fan of Jem and the holograms, I still watch it when I can.

  6. You look so pretty, you remind me alot of Lisa Wu Hartwell in these pictures! I love the shots the photographer did such a great job. I’m loving those earrings in the last shot!

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