Proof is in the Puddin…


What a moron…so I was putting the dishes away after dinner when I looked at my cell phone and realized, “DOH!” this post went live and I never got around to updating it with content other than pictures.  Part of my attempts to stay organized with my blogging is to take pictures {almost daily during my lunch hour, or immediately after work}, download them the same day and then load them onto a blog post.  If I don’t have time to share some of my thoughts, I’ll schedule the post so that it goes live on a particular date and time.  Weeeeell, this is a prime example of the importance of being organized.  Had I been a llittle more organized {and a little less crazy}, I’d surely have scheduled in time to update this post instead of doing it now, post-traumatically.  LOL  The silver lining is that as I’m sitting here typing this out, I’m realizing that with all of the events of my day, this was probably the worst, and I can live with that.  I had a good day!

P.S. My shoes are Steve Madden – Gorjuss $59.99 Aren’t they killer!


38 thoughts on “Proof is in the Puddin…

  1. I’m glad, I came across your blog…there is good stuff here…LOL…you have a refreshing sense of humor! I’m glad you mention how you schedule your blogging routine. I never thought of up loading my pictures daily, writing the content later, and scheduling the blog post…I always wonder how bloggers can post on a daily basis…but even with all the planning and organizing somethings may go arise but the key is to not sweat the small stuff….BTW love the killer shoes!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Katie. I hope you’ll be back! You are SOOO right! Can’t sweat the small stuff! Looks like your Thrifting Party was a hit. I was thinking of doing something similar here in LA! 🙂

  2. Those SHOES!!! They’re clearance & I’m afraid to order a 7… I’m normally a 6.5 in Steve Maddens, but I do have a couple of 7s… Decisions Decisions!!!

  3. Ohhh those floors. I wanna stand on them, pose and take pictures, LOL! Sorry but they are what I noticed first then those KILLER shoes and with the color combo they stand up and out. Tell Joss she did a lovely job with your hair darling.

    P.S. I’ve missed stopping I’m by visiting family.

  4. I am buying a plane ticket and coming to you to snatch your shoes off of your feet. Oh wait…it will be cheaper for me to buy them. HA! Cute look. You know I love some pink 🙂

  5. I think all the firls here want to stole those shoes!! OMG are so fierce!! And you look so beautiful, love your hair! You rock it like always!! huge hug!

  6. you are too cute! I love the flats are for quitters – I’m a late bloomer when it comes to appreciating the heel – I’m getting there though (smile)!

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