Gonna Party Like It’s My Birthday…

…Well, not really, but it’s fun saying it.  LOL  Speaking of birthdays though, I do have something REALLY REALLY AWESOME to share with you guys. 

If you follow me on Twitter and Facebook, you may have seen me mention my beautiful girlfriends Tam and Tiff.  Each wonderful and ultra-chic in her own right.  Tam is the designer/owner of TAM’S GLAM Earrings and Accessories and I blogged about my obessions with her darling earrings here before.  Tiff is the photographer of Pose N’ Play Photography and Makeup  and there are no words to describe the life she captures.  Just take a peek at her website and you’ll see this girl is a genius.  She does family portraits (like for holidays, like for Christmas *hint *hint lol), headshots for those looking to get into the entertainment world, pretty much anything.  Well, we were chittin and chattin and I shared with them that I wanted to do something fun for my birthday; something I hadn’t done before, something that I’d remember. A……..


A GLAM-SHOOT is not this:

nor is it this:

nor is it this:


If either of these are the kind of shots you were hoping for {bless your heart}, there’s a time machine somewhere with your name on it, Boo Boo.  lol 

A GLAM-SHOOT is where you get super glammed up for a day which includes getting to pick a theme if you want {cleopatra, pin-up girl, librarian, lioness…anything} and then getting professionally photographed by the best, Tiff! 

I’m keeping my GLAM-SHOOT under wraps until the pictures are ready to show you but, all I can say is I felt as beautiful as I did on my wedding day.  With Tiff doing my hair and make up and Tam accessorizing me, I felt like a princess.  I got to ransack Tiff’s “Rack” and found some really cute things that I pulled together to come up with some interesting looks. The crew let me do three completely different themes and I had a ball! 

Mark your calendars because on August 6th there’ll be an announcement you don’t want to miss!  I’ll also be showing you pictures from the shoot!  Stay tuned…


8 thoughts on “Gonna Party Like It’s My Birthday…

  1. Congratulations and my birthday is August 6. Don’t ask my age because I’ll never know myself.You havew so much ahead of you to do girl and will probably do things you never thought you could do.
    I went back to school and got an AA degree. Never thought I would.

  2. The guy with the cat…. I can’t… LOL LOL (literally). I really wanted to take one of those back in the day. Glad I didn’t haha!!!
    PS: where’s the scarf into bag DIY… I haven’t forgot… 🙂

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