My Funny is Funnier

So, if you don’t know, I have a really goofy, silly, borderline obnoxious side and it comes out in my choice of movies.  I love movies.  All kinds of movies, but I especially love funny movies.  However, my taste in funny is different than my Hub’s taste in funny and so I’ve made it my mission to convince him that my funny is better than his funny.  First let me show you his funny…

Now, my arguement isn’t that this kind of funny isn’t funny, I just think my funny is funnier:

See!  My funny is funnier!  The end!


20 thoughts on “My Funny is Funnier

  1. How cute are you in purple and grey your royal King’s Kid! Now for laughs…Napoleon Dynamite is ridiculously funny!! My favorite part is when he calls home for the chap-stick, does the sign language and gets upset when his tots are squished. Believe it or not the first time i saw it I hated it (shrugs). My funny grew to be funnier 🙂

    1. Awww you’re sweet! LOL! There are tons of ridiculous parts that I just think about and laugh. The clip in my post is one of the funniest to me. And when he’s talking about girls like guys with skills. Nunchuck skills! LOL

  2. These are two of my husbands favorite movies. They both drive me bananas. Lol. I guess my humor is a little different. Lol We have the whose funny is funnier debate all the time over here.

    Love the colors…and the shoes….SO cute!!!

  3. Hilarious! I’m sorry Les, I have to agree with your honey and Vee. Coming to America is one of the best comedies ever created! Its my all time favorite, it never gets old… Lol, at your “In da face…” comment. “is that velvet?!”

  4. I’m sorry but Coming to America is my all time favorite movie. I literally know that movie scene by scene line by line LOL. Although Napoleon Dynamite had it’s moments & is quite funny,Coming to America always wins with me. LOL 🙂

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