Chicken Legs

The more I look at my pictures where I’m wearing leggings, the more self conscious I’m becoming about my legs.  They’re looking kinda chicken leg-ish.  LOL  Time for some squats, or any kind of exercise for that matter. 

By the way ladies, if you’ve been keeping up with ROCK IT & ROLL IT Style Challenge you know that I’m next in line.  Funny, I never really take style challenges and stuff like that seriously (as evidenced in my FASHION du Jon style challenge) but this one has taken me by surprise and I”m really feeling like I need to step my game up.  I’m toying with a couple of ideas.  So, stay tuned to what I finally end up ROCKIN’!   Don’t forget you can still enter to win a $50 Shopping Spree at  I don’t have to tell you the treasures they’ve got in their chest but geez louise, you’d be blind (in the most politically correct sense of the word) not to find something there that wasn’t amazing.  So, click on the banner below for entry details:


10 thoughts on “Chicken Legs

  1. Chickenleg-ish. That was funny. Umm sweetie, contrary to what society may seem to believe: leggings are intended for chicken legs!!! Even though you do not have them. My hair stylist now those are some skinny legs 🙂

  2. Okay, First, your “chicken legs” are great!! they fit you beautifully! Plus, you’d look kinda funny walking around here with big ole ham hocks for legs, underneath your slim body!! But I understand your desire to tone, as we all do!! Can’t wait to see how you rock the challenge!!

  3. I think you look fab in your leggings! The same thing happen to me, I love leggings but I very self concious about my legs and thighs! Funny thing!! I’m a tall girl (5’8) so sometimes I have to be careful about what I wear. But I like the your look and your legs look fab!!

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