Pardon the brief hiatus, the hubs and I were in Santa Barbara celebrating our 5 year anniversary so for good reason I wasn’t posting.  We had an amazing time and it was such a great getaway.   I’ll be sharing some of our adventures in another post.  For now, let’s pick up where we left off with FASHION du Jon: DAY 4.

What I’m Wearing: top -unknown | belt – random | shoes –

So, the picture does NOT do this outfit justice by any means.  It was actually very cute, but this picture makes it look sloppy.  I liked this outfit so much so that I gave this outfit 5 FASHION du jour thumbs up!

What say you my friends?


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12 thoughts on “FASHION du Jon: DAY 4

  1. Your husband is on top of his game! I don’t know how many of us out here could have our S/O dress us AND get good reviews on it. lol 🙂

    1. LOL! Funny enough I didnt even think twice about it. I like the idea of the challenge so much that I guess I figured it was worth the risk. Plus, Jon’s pretty on top of his game when it comes to dressing. 🙂 I lucked out.

  2. Yes you have reason, the picture doesn’t make justice for the outfit. But I have to say I love the shirt and the boots!!The outfit looks cool! He did a great job!! Thumbs up!

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