FASHION du Jon: Day 3

What I’m Wearing:  top – Tres Bien | shoes – Cathy Jean | jeans – Imperial Star | necklace – Sears

Winner!  FASHION du Jon did very well, wouldn’t you say?  He orignally paired the top with a light colored skirt but that was a no-go; reason being I don’t love the way the skirt fits on me and it’s in my pile of items to post on my shop.

I wore this outfit to work.  Just another casual day in the office.  The office girls are getting a kick out of this here challenge.  By the way, please ignore my face.  It was a REALLY long day and I was EX.HAUSTED!

As you can see, I gave the Hubs 4 FASHION du jour thumbs up!

…and as I always around this point in my posts, don’t forget to enter the $50 shopping spree giveaway sponsored by Mimi Boutique.  Click the banner below for details.


16 thoughts on “FASHION du Jon: Day 3

  1. Excuse the face?? Actually, the first thing I noticed in your photo was how gorgeous you look!! 🙂 You have such pretty skin, too!

    Jon is doing awesome with this!! I love the way he styled you here!

  2. He’s doing a great job. I have to say I’m impressed. Kind of almost makes me want to have my hubby pick my outfits for a few days and see how he does.

    You look great for being exhausted. We would never know.

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