Time for Another Q&A

sunnies: Rayban Wayfarers | top: Worthington's | skirt: GAP | shoes: Urbanog.com

On occassion I get questions from readers like you wanting to know more about this and that.  A while back I posted some of the answers to some of those questions.  As a matter of fact, here’s the post I’m referencing.  Can’t believe how long ago it was.  Anyways, I thought I’d do a second round, as if you need to know even more about me.  I’m pretty much an open book.  Anyways, here she goes:

1.  How do you organize your closet?  I don’t have a methodology.  I have tried so many different ways, but what seems to be working right now is for me to color code my jackets, dresses, skirts, shorts and tops an then fold and stack all of my jeans.  My purses, belts and scarves have been neglected because I just can’t figure out what to do with them.  Any suggestions?

2.  How do you care for your hair?  Here again, I sadly don’t have a regimin I stick to.  I have been trying to stay away from heat lately so I haven’t had my hair “did” in a while.  I recently started using Mixed Chix LIC every time I wash my hair.  I also use it to style my hair, which I probably shouldn’t and don’t recommend.

3.  What kind of church do you attend and have you always been so spiritually grounded?  Well, first, I feel like my spiritual path has grown over a series of years as a result of a series of life events and circumstances.  I am fortunate to have folks around me who are very spiritually grounded, whom (after I’ve prayed) I turn to for support and guidance.  They’ve always offered advice that I could find scriptural references to support.  Consequently, my spiritual growth has increased.  I am Christian and am a member of Miracle Temple Church of God Pentecostal in Inglewood, CA. and by the way the hub’s and I are hosting {for the first time} our annual youth convention in June.

4.  What’s your favorite thing about being a parent?  I can honestly say that I didn’t know what love was before my children.  Don’t get me wrong, I am truly, madly and deeply in love with my husband, but that’s not what we’re talking about.  Motherly love’s a whole other ball game.  There is just something about children that totally rocked my world.  I didn’t know I was capable of this type of love and it gave me total clarity of how much my parents love me.

5.  What color is your nail polish?  Skittles blue.  Sorry, I don’t know that actual color or brand.

6.  What’s currently playing on your car stereo?  Since my drive to work is literally less than 10 minutes, that doesn’t leave much time for me to listen to anything in particular, however, on days when I have to pick up the kiddos from school, on the way there I’m either listening to Petros and Money on AM570.  They kill!  They’re so funny!  On the way home from picking up the kiddos I’m usually listening to classical music or I pop in a read along storybook CD.

7.  What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?  Which story to tell…hmm…I guess I’ll go with this one.  It must have been a couple months after I had given birth to Jaxon and those of you who have had children know that you loose a little bit of “control”.  Anyways, there I was running into Ralphs grocery store to grab a can of soup and all of a sudden out of nowhere I had a raging urge to tinkle.  I needed to find a restroom like NOW!  No sooner had that thought crossed my mind than I had actually in real life pee’d my pants, yes like a 2 year old.  The worst think about it was that it wasn’t like, oh a little tinkle, no, it was like I had just topped of a Gatorade cooler of water.  So, I’m mortified.  I’m standing in a puddle and luckily there’s no one else in the aisle.  I did what any rational 20 something year old who just pee’d their pants would do. I ran.  I ran to the car, probably leaving a trail behind me, but immediately realized that there wasn’t much I could do.  I went back inside, purchased my can of soup and let the checker know that there was a spill in aisle 4.  I’m not proud of it, but now I send the hubs to the store.  P.S. This is extra funny because I had totally blocked this from my memory until recently.  In fact, I was in a work thing where something kind of like this came up and I said that I had never peed my pants.  Oh wait…except for that one time.  LOL

8.  What size are you?  Is this some kind of trick question?  LOL  Well, it really does depend on what brand of clothes we’re talking but typically speaking I’m a 4 or 6.

9.  You always seem to find the best fitting boyfriend jeans.  How do you do it?  Well, most of my boyfriends are thrifted and I guess my method of operation is to find a jean men’s jean that is short in length and approximately one size larger than what I would normally wear.  Levi’s are so easy to find using this trick because the measurements are listed right on the back label in most cases.  I would say, that it does take time though.  When I go thrift, I don’t usually go with the goal of finding something specific because I feel like it will make me have tunnel vision and miss out on all the other potential treasures waiting to be rescued.  With that said, there are my regular stores that I know front and back and run in and out (during my lunch break).  These kinds of stores, I check out the shoes, the shirts and the trousers and jeans.

10.  What advice do you have for someone following in your footsteps who wants to create their own fashion blog?  Go for it!  It’s a ton of fun and a great creative outlet.  It’s a hobby that takes a lot of time and so you’d need to be able to build that into your day in a way that doesn’t make it a chore for you because then it won’t be fun anymore.

Well, I hope these answers help you to get to know me even better.  I think I’m kind of a normal girl who like so look nice.  By the way, is there a burning question you have for me?  Ask away…

Oh and happy birthday to my BIL, J!  He’s 43…I mean 34 today! 🙂 [inside joke]

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22 thoughts on “Time for Another Q&A

  1. I love the colors of this outfit! I have the same wedges in black and I love them, now I feel like trying to track them down in that color too!

  2. ok! i was gonna say if this is one of hubby’s outfits he is just to damn good! I love this leslie! it looks so refreshing the skirt top shoes just everything! Love how you put it all together! deff inspired! xoxo TY

  3. I love your blog! You always have such positive energy! I have a question for you..where do you get your outfits inspiration from?

  4. I am sooo in love with your wedges they are like super duper cute and chic! Also great Q&A it’s nice that you take the time to do these every once in a while. It makes you so much more real to me 🙂

  5. Hey I love your blog and I’m considering starting one myself. However I was wondering who takes your pictures for you?

  6. Okay so here is my closet help for you:
    Purses: I have them in the bottom of the closet in 2 semi medium clear containers w/o tops. This was you can have them lined up (clutches) in one and the bigger bags (satchels if you will) in the other
    Belts: I put mine on those velvety hangers with the three rows (they make sucky pants hangers) so I just loop my belts through.
    Scarves: not that creative, they are stuffed in a drawer in my coat closet, but it works since they are all wrinkly anway 🙂
    Hope this helps xoxo

  7. What a fabulous color pairing! You look great in it. And I love your quote for the day – I’ve got to remember that.
    Keep repping for the LA fashion blogs! 😀

  8. Dear Leslie, you rock! 😀
    I absolutely love everything about this outfit. EVERYTHING! One of my favorite looks on you.
    The q & a was enjoyable to read. Is the skittles blue the color on your toes in the pix?

  9. Ohhhhh! You look so adorable. I love this skirt, looks so chic and elegant. You rock it like always. I laugh a lot about your “little accident”, don’t worry girl you are not the only one. I had those kind of accident, actually inside my car, so I won, lol. Love your post like alwasy, you are my inspiration!!

    1. oh yea…scarves and belts solution. The container store has a neat hanger that hold aroun 15 scarves/belts for around $6.99

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