FASHION du Jon: Day 1

Him:  “How do you have this organized?”

Me:  “It’s all by colors and item types, see”

Him:  “I see why it takes you so long to get dressed!”

Me: (in my head…”It doesn’t take me long to get dressed but it does take me long to pick out what to wear, so there!”)

CHALLENGE: FASHION du Jon…styled by him

I bribed Jon into participating in this challenge that I told you about a couple of days ago. These are the rules:

  1. He has to gets to dress me from head to toe, jewelry and handbag included.

  2. I get to change one element of the outfit as I see fit.

  3. I dress myself for special outings.


On the FASHION du jour 5 star scale, obviously with one being complete-and-total-fail and 5 being why-do-you-know-how-to-dress-me-better-than-I-do-(side eye), I’d give Day One three stars.  Of course I had to consider the fact that just looking at my closet is enough to make any man run for his life so to conquer that intimidation is enough in and of itself.   The time it took to pick the outfit was dreadful but I take the blame. I really do need to get a better system.  I have six hanging sections of my closet and 6 selves.  I currently hang my light jackets, dresses and suits, skirts and shorts, sweaters and cardigans, tops, and some of my jeans and trousers all by color groups in their own hanging sections.  I three-fold the majority of my jeans in stacks by color gradient and body (ie. one stack of skinny jeans lightest to darkest, one stack of boot legs lightest to darkest, etc.),  Then I have a basket of scarves, a basket of belts and a basket of clutches.  My big bags/purses are stuffed behind my stacks of folded jeans, kinda pitiful.  I also have a jewelry platter/tin and two jewelry trees.  The rest of my necklaces and hats I hang on my dress form.  Oh, and I have a rack for my shoes.  Anyways, so I’ll take the blame.  It took some time to get him acclimated to the madness, but once he figured it out, he told me he would let me know when he was done.  Ten minutes later he had picked this.  Now, let me say that I did add a rule.  I allowed myself to change one element of the outfit.  In this case, he had picked a beige belt that I didn’t love.  I removed it.  Also, you don’t see it in the picture but I had a burgundy necklace that broke halfway through the day.  Come to find out it just unlatched and didn’t actually break, yay!

 What I learned:

  1. I need to organize my closet

  2. I have too much stuff

  3. You truly can do more with less

  4. Jon has the gift of patience.

  5. My husband REALLY does pay attention to me.

  6. I realized that I have a lot of perfectly good items that I know I’ll never wear either because (a) they don’t fit right or (b) I already have something similar.  I guess I’ll put them on the shop.

 How many stars would you award this outfit?


25 thoughts on “FASHION du Jon: Day 1

  1. Love the challenge!

    I suffer from the same problem of not knowing what to wear even though my wardrobe’s pretty organized. I like to blame it on my being a “mood dresser”.

  2. I’m on board with you on this outfit! i give it three thumbs up! I am still in love with the last outfit! He does have crazy taste though!

  3. He have good taste of fashion, I like the outfit. I think he is the “comfy and laid back” style type. He did a great job, you have to be proud!! Kuddos!!So I will wait for the next one!! Kuddos!!

  4. I thought my bf did a great job w/my outfit today! As he picked out tomorrow’s outfit off and on for literally hours, he said, “I want to pick things you wouldn’t put together.” LOVE IT!

  5. I organize my closet in a similar way! But mine is extremely small step in. One rack and shelf with a small dresser in the middle for flats and flat sandals. Cardigans, lightweight jackets & blazers, tunics, buttons on left sorted by color for their categories. Then an overhang shelf thingy with jeans sorted like yours, dresses are in 3 clear dress bags sorted by type (casual, work, dressy, party), pants are hung on those 4 level pants hangs by color. Top shelf are two shoe racks with organized by type with room for boxed shoes in those clear containers same on floor for shoes. Purses are in a cubicle shelve unit each shelf by type. Jewelry in large jewelry boxes. So see your not crazy LOL 🙂

    Jon did a good job for day one!

      1. Yes and I still run late argh!! However those velvet clothes hangers help make things look more condensed than the plastic ones I used to have

      2. For the most part I can find stuff. But it is always cool when you come across something at one point you coveted but forgot all about it. I believe I have OCD and so so my students, they say my classroom is way to clean.

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