ROCK IT & ROLL IT Style Challenge: Lexy

Can someone please tell me why Lexy is so stinkin cute?  I mean really.  Must her hair, manicure and makeup ALWAYS be flawless?  I love Lexy!  Take one look at her blog and you’ll see exactly what I mean.  Not only is she adorable, she’s also sweet as pie.  She really is one of those people that you walk away from a conversation saying, “She’s just so nice!”

Well, as you can see, Lexy is definitely ready for summer.  Can I just tag along wherever you’re going, Lexy?


ASOS Denim Leggings

Torrid White Tunic

H&M Denim Blue Cardi

Guess Nude Patent Pumps

LV Damier Azure Noe

Mimi Boutique Isabelle Multi Color Stone Drape Necklace

Mimi Boutique Valerie Pashmina Scarf 

Lexy says…

I was so excited when I opened the package that contained the two wonderful pieces, from Eboni.  Thankfully, by the time I had got the items, I had my mind set on how I was going to rock them.  I knew I wanted to wear them together.  And that was the most challenging part – trying to come up with an idea that made sense.  And looked effortless, and not too thought-out and planned.  That is always a goal of mine when putting together outfits – just let it happen naturally.

I was headed to a dinner meeting on Friday evening {I am also an event planner and I am currently planning a whimsically fabulous wedding shower} and I wanted to wear something fun!  I thought it was a great time to rock the pretty scarf and amazing necklace. 

Being a huge fan of fun accessories and loving to pop on a cute belt whenever an outfit calls for one, I decided to wrap the scarf around my waist and tie it in a knot, letting the fringe hand down to add a bit of movement.  I love how the pop of coral looks against a stark white top.  I also love how the coral ties in with the blush shade of these fabulous nude pumps. The same fabulous nude pumps that I have deemed my “dinner only” shoes.  They are great when long standing isn’t required.  They are {unfortunately} uncomfortable.  

The minute I put the necklace on, I was IN LOVE.  I love the color combination, turquoise, coral, lime and navy blue – all on a gold chain, it’s STUNNING!  I decided to wear my favorite HUGE gold hoops and 2 of my favorite crystal bracelets.  I received so many compliments on this necklace; I was smiling the entire night.

I am very happy with the way this outfit turned out.  It’s casual, fab, and fun – all at the same time. 🙂 What a fun challenge, thanks Leslie for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it.

This look makes me want to become an event planner and get dressed up and have dinner meetings?  I love how Lexy keeps it real, because we all have a pair of those heels that were a worthless purchase because your feet die every time you where them.  

Bravo, Lexy!  She’s just naturally talented when it comes to piecing outfits together.  Only if I could be more like Lexy…

Well, you know what time it is…Lexy ROCKED IT and now it’s time to ROLL IT.  She’ll be sending these two beautiful items to our next beautiful blogger, Prissy of Rush Our Fashion

This will probably be a piece of cake for Prissy.  She’s got some special gift from God for styling outfits that are insanely cute.  I need some of that.

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