FASHION du Jon…styled by him

My Husband is convinced that he’s a pretty snazzy dresser (…well, he doesn’t actually use the word “snazzy”). I’d be lying if I said he wasn’t, after all he did get voted “Best Dressed” (one of his many claims to fame) at arguably one of the most fashionable high schools in Los Angeles, Westchester HS. If nothing else, one thing’s for sure, he certainly knows how to organize a closet. His rationale is that it just make sense; no argument there. His closet is immaculate and no doubt contributes to his stress-free calm outfit selection process in the morning; complete opposite of my try-on-everything-scream-repeat M.O.

Well, my super fabulous friend Sharon sent me an article on a fashion dare where a girl let her guy dress her for a week. I thought to myself, I could TOTALLY do that all I’d have to do is convince the Hubs. I’m working on that. We’ll get this party started neck week.  One thing I didn’t factor in was all the ‘splaining I’m gonna have to do when I come to work. Oh well, fashion’s supposed to be fun right? What could possibly go wrong…

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11 thoughts on “FASHION du Jon…styled by him

  1. I read that article. I always thought it would be an awesome date with a boyfriend to save up money, then go out together and pick a head to toe outfit for each other.

  2. This should be great. Fashion from a males point of view. I’m sure you will look FAB because i’m sure the Mr. knows what he likes to see you in….Have a blessed day…

    dee in san diego

  3. Sounds fun! You will ahve a great time doing it. Share your passion for the fashion with him, sounds so cool!I will wait for this challenge!! Good luck!!

  4. Me and my bf decided yesterday we are doing this! We’re going against our engaged web friends. And my friend w/o an SO is having her dad dress her! Can’t wait!

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