Control Your Tongue

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I feel like I talk about this subject a lot, but honestly I believe that when the Lord drops hints you’d be best to pick them up.  As you may know, I subscribe to Girlfriends in God‘s daily devotional.  This website offers support to women across the world in an attempt to strengthen their relationships with God.  The email I got this morning was one about family and the importance of speaking positivity.  I couldn’t keep to myself.  I had to share.  Not that any of you are horses, but I’m leading you to water in hopes that you’ll drink.  This horse’s thirst has been quenched, I can tell you that much!  

The power of the spoken word is great. Words are like seeds. What we plant will grow.  If we plant negative, critical words, we will reap a family that is negative and critical.  Look for the good in your family then speak it. Be a cheerleader for your family because everyone needs a cheerleader.

A little girl was eating breakfast with her Daddy. They were on a “date,” spending special time together. He was telling her how wonderful she was and how proud he was to have her as a daughter. When he had done what he thought was a sufficient job, he picked up his fork and began to eat. His daughter put her hand on his arm and stopped him with these words, “Longer, Daddy, longer.” He didn’t eat much food that day but a little girl’s hungry heart was fed. Do have any hearts like that in your family?

CBS released a movie about Karen Carpenter, the great singer who rose to stardom singing with her brother, Richard. At the age of 32, she died unexpectedly of heart failure due to many years of abuse caused by Anorexia. What brought on Karen’s fatal obsession with weight control? It seems that a reporter once called her “Richard’s chubby sister.”

Psalm 141:3 “Set a guard over my mouth, O LORD: keep watch over the door of my lips.”

Before speaking, ask yourself the following questions:

T       is it true
H      Is it helpful
I       is it inspiring
N      is it necessary
K       is it kind

Think before you speak. Use the five to one ratio when correcting – five positive remarks to one negative comment. The harder the truth, the more love we should use in saying it. It is our responsibility to use our words to train and instruct our family about the daily things in life, but more importantly, to instruct them about the eternal things. We are very concerned about providing for our children when we need to be more concerned about caring for our children. The greatest care we can give is to disciple them by speaking words of truth. Guard your tongue.

I hope this is encouraging to you and helps you to remember that your family, especially your children, look up to you.  Cherish them!

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9 thoughts on “Control Your Tongue

  1. Thank you so much for this post, I loved it. I have been trying this new outlook on life recently(like last week) – being really positive about things, you know, putting out positive thoughts will reap positive results. My thought process is that there must be something about all the social/behavior studies out there 🙂 So reading this blog was kinda of an affirmation of what I’m doing. Thank you for sharing. (I also love your blog)


  2. Wow!! I’m drinking, I’m drinking!! This blog is jam-packed full of someof the best advice EVER!! From your quote at the beginning, to your wise words, and the excerpts from Girlfriends in God, if you don’t receive something from this one, you may wanna check your pulse!! Preach, my sistah, PREACH!! Oh, you look Mah-velous too!! 🙂

  3. Thnx this msg really inspired me 2 change the way I interact with my family and 2 watch what I say 2 them or about them!

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