Michael Fay

sunnies: 99 store | bag: LV Speedy 30 | shirt: random | belt: unknown (T) | chinos: Old Navy | wedges: Coach

Remember the American kid who went to Singapore and was charged for vandalism?  Sure you do.  Michael Fay.  He was the one that got flogged 4 times as punishment?  Now, you remember.  His original punishment was 4 months in jail, a large fine and 6 caning strokes, but because of all of the media coverage by the US and the intervention of President Clinton, his punishment was reduced to 3 months in jail and 4 strokes.  Funny enough, although in the US this is considered unusual and harsh punishment for vandalism, US public support for the whacking was overwhelming (close to 90% in Fay’s very own home town).  LOL  Anyway, my point is, can you believe that happened exactly 17 years ago today?  17 years ago.  I just had to bust out my calculator and do the math because I cannot believe I’m that old.  Crazy!

By the way, there’s still time to enter…


8 thoughts on “Michael Fay

  1. Great weekend outfit. I like the shirt and wedges. Checked out a pair of Coach wedges in TJ Maxx yesterday but wasn’t willing to cough up the $100. Gonna keep my eye on them.

  2. Now and out girl. Just went to the Doctor, thinks I have something called tenonitis. My knee and leg hurts so bad I can hardly walk. You know how awful it feels when you can’t be active and take care of your household. Hubby is being understanding. I feel like I’ve been whacked talking about Michael Fay. The thing was he did it to the most important people in that country.

  3. Look nice, comfy and casual!! I have a pants like yours, so let try something like this and I will send you the pic!! kuddos!!

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