Whispering Gallery

{sunnies: Rayban Wayfarers | top: old | chinos: American Eagle | clutch: DIY | shoes: Colin Stuart}

Every morning when I get out of bed my routine is to wash my face, brush my teeth and hair,  slather lotion all over and get dressed (it never fails, morning showers make me late for work so I shower at night).  Next to my toothbrush is my Daily Bread booklet.  It’s a daily devotional of scripture and encouragement to have a great day.  I make it a habit to read it every day before I leave the house.  Yesterday’s devotion left an impact on me so I thought I’d share.

London’s domed St. Paul’s Cathedral has an interesting architectural phenomenon called the “whispering gallery.” One Web site explains it this way: “The name comes from the fact that a person who whispers facing the wall on one side can be clearly heard on the other, since the sound is carried perfectly around the vast curve of the Dome.”

In other words, you and a friend could sit on opposite sides of architect Sir Christopher Wren’s great cathedral and carry on a conversation without having to speak above a whisper.

While that may be a fascinating feature of St. Paul’s Cathedral, it can also be a warning to us. What we say about others in secret can travel just as easily as whispers travel around that gallery. And not only can our gossip travel far and wide, but it often does great harm along the way.

Perhaps this is why the Bible frequently challenges us about the ways we use words. The wise King Solomon wrote, “In the multitude of words sin is not lacking, but he who restrains his lips is wise” 

Instead of using whispers and gossip that can cause hurt and pain while serving no good purpose, we would do better to restrain ourselves and practice silence.

Lord, help us bridle what we say
And tend our conversations,
Avoiding careless gossiping
That murders reputations. —Sper

Gossip ends at a wise person’s ears.

You can order your own free Daily Bread devotional by visiting:  Our Daily Bread

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18 thoughts on “Whispering Gallery

  1. LOL!!! Now that was hilarious!!!! I didnt know they had a show??!….im definitely going to have to Tivo that!

  2. BOMB.CA.GOV!!! Means your so OFFICIAL! LOVE this! I swear I need that leopard clutch in my life! 😉

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  4. Thanks for the sharing the Word First Lady Leslie. I reallyl like the pants. The color is to die for, bright and cheery just like your blog. Red lips are a yes. I’m addicted to my Ruby Woo although my sister hates it. Xo.

  5. Great post! Lovin’ the librarian bun (I love wearin’ a bun, and the hubby hates it, lol) and DIY clutch. Definitely gonna try that DIY!

  6. Everything about this look is simply AWESOME! You look like a model in every shot. 😀

    My mother keeps her Daily Bread on her vanity, near her toothbrush, as well and she reads every morning.

  7. I love, love, love your bun…random I know. It is so cute. I know what it is like to have a daily devotion. In my classroom right next to my computer is a Christian teaching calendar, which helps me with whatever fires I have to put out that day. Some days it totally matters and it sooooo helps with my day 🙂

    1. Thanks Tiffany! I love high buns. It’s so god that yo have your devotional in your classroom. It’s reassuring to hear that there are still teachers who value the career they set out to pursue!

  8. You have done it again, Leslie!! You look so chic. I’m loving the bun & the RED LIP!!! I know you said you’re not sure about it, but I’m def feeling it! And you know you need to mail me that clutch! Another fab DIY!

  9. I love this post, the message and the outfit. (lipstick too) I used to read the daily bread each day also, now I have a new devotional I read each morning. Your blog is the first one I check each day and the only one I receive notifications for on my bb. Do you think since you’ve decided to use your blog for empowering, and creating a “community” for women, it’s been easier for you to post? It seems that way to me looking in. Either way I’m glad you share with us. It’s amazing how God can, will, and does use any means to speak to us, even a fashion blog.

    1. This was really sweet of you to take the time and say. If I’m being honest, it would be so easy for me to just post pics and mention some things here and there about what I’m wearing, what stores I shop at throw in bits and pieces of celebrity gossip but in all sincerity, I wanted this to be bigger, not in terms of readership or free stuff I get (although who are we kidding free stuff is always nice), but in terms of the impact that a single post might have on the lives of even just one woman. Women like you who take the precious time to actually read what I have to say, deserve more. I don’t know that I can say it’s easier operating from this stance, but I can say it’s certainly more rewarding. When people ask me about my blog, I tell them it’s a fashion and lifestyle blog that I use as a vehicle for sharing my faith. I’m still on an upward incline when it comes to learning more about the Lord and growing in my faith, so I always feel a little nervous about coming off a “certain way” whether it be judgmental or insensitive or what have you so there are some things that I’m just waiting on God to give me the words to say. Funny enough, He always seems to deliver right on time. (surprise, surprise) It’s so encouraging to hear that you stay tuned to what’s going on here and it’s love letters like these that reinforce my purpose with this blog. Thank you!

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