FASHIONISTA du jour: Kristin Cottrell-Henderson

A few posts back I introduced a feature that I wanted to incorporate into my blog which would allow visibility into the lives of women I’ve been in both my blog and non-blog lives.  I wanted you to meet women who have a lot to offer, whether it be experiential wisdom, tips, cooking recipes, a business opportunity, etc and who genuinely have a heart for others.   Our first FASHIONISTA du jour is someone I’ve had the pleasure of knowing since middle school.  Her name is Kristin.  While I always admired Kristin’s natural sense of style, I was also captivated by her fun-loving spirit and incredible sense of humor.  I’d like you to meet, Kristin Cottrell-Henderson, in her own words…

Kristen Kai Cottrell-Henderson is my government name but some affectionately call me; Kristen, Kai, Kris, Babe and MOMMA! My driver’s license says I’m a young 31 year old but if you look closely my birthday; 2/29, opens a window into the little girl that lives within.  I am proud wife to my very bestfriend and mother of an active, loving and silly 15-month-old boy.  I wear many hats but one of my favorites is owner of Lily Kai Consulting and Vintage Boutique in Atlanta, GA.

What She’s Wearing: Victor Costa Vintage Blazer | white tank | Levi Vintage Jeans | Betsy Johnson Chunky Studded Bracelet | C. Loub Peep Toe Pumps | Yves Saint Lauren Muse Handbag

I asked Kristin a few questions about with the only condition being that she share from her heart.  Here’s what she said…

How would you describe your personal style? I don’t have a name for my personal style but I love signature pieces (designer shoes, handbags and apparel) that will stand the test of time.  I also appreciate trends but not enough to be “TRENDY”.  I love incorporating designer brands with vintage and pieces from stores like Target and local boutiques.

What’s something about you that people wouldn’t expect? Lily Kai Vintage Boutique launched as a result of me being laid off. I’ve always wanted a clothing boutique and this was the perfect time for one. I thought that I would start small with an online store and in addition host local trunk shows.  My pieces are affordable priced and as you can see I specialize in dresses.

If you knew then what you know now? I wouldn’t apologize for who I am or for my blessings.  I feel like what’s for me is for me and what’s for another person is for them.  We are all put on this earth for a reason and I hope others encourage, support and uplift my endeavors because I intend to do it for them.

What drives the passion for what you do? I know this might sound corny and clique but I really just love fashion; I love everything about it.  I get excited to help pull someone out of a style rut, hunt for that perfect special event outfit for a client and shop for vintage for the boutique.  I am living my dream on my own terms…what else could I ask for.

What She’s Wearing: Zara top and pants | Vintage Snakeskin handbag | Tory Burch Gold Heels | Chunky Necklace from LA Fashion District

What fashion tips do you have to offer from one mom to another? Make yourself just as important as your family. We as mothers and wives tend to put everyone before ourselves but it is important to make sure that who we are as women and individuals aren’t forgotten. Here are my MOM essentials:

  1. Purchase clothing that works for your current body not for the size you want to be.
  2. Get the most for your money and wardrobe by selecting what I like to call “twofers” an item that can be mixed and matched for multiple looks.
  3. Don’t get stuck in a tracksuit. There are other comfortable things that you can wear
  4. Don’t think sneakers are the answer for comfort
  5. Brows shaped, mascara and lip gloss. 

Kristin truly is  a gem.  She’s that girl that brings richness to the lives of those around her.  Here’s how you can learn more about Kristin, how she got started and what makes her so cool:


Lily Kai the blog


27 thoughts on “FASHIONISTA du jour: Kristin Cottrell-Henderson

  1. Wow, this was just what I needed. I was having a text convo with a friend earlier. I got a new handbag which I love but don’t want to carry it to work. I teach and I don’t want folks to wonder how I can afford it with all that’s going on in education but I was blessed with it. I love that Kristen stated she won’t apologize for who she is or her blessings. I’m still struggling with that. Hummm blogpost 🙂

  2. WOW! I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to comment on a feature about oneself but I just wanted to say thank you to Fashion du jour for the awesome post. Also, thank you Johanna, Shasie, and Abigail; so appreciated!

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