ROCK IT & ROLL IT Style Challenge: Charee Lenee

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve been impatiently sitting on the edge of your seat bitting your nails in anticipation of the amazing ways this scarf and necklace will be rocked by these five fearless ladies.  Okay, so I’m being a little dramatic, but I tend to get that way when I’m excited.  

The time has come and our super fly blogging buddy, Charee from has set the bar.  Take a look for yourself.

:::What She’s Rocking:::

H&M- boyfriend jeans, coral ring and floral clutch

MiMi Boutique- Valerie Pashmina Scarf worn as top and Isabelle Multi Color Stone Drape Necklace

JustFab- shoes

Shock Boutique- boyfriend watch

Charee says…

I had such a blast “Rocking” these FAB items!  At first I was a little nervous because of all the pressure with being the 1st participant.  (Can you believe it, ME! Nervous?) LOL  I stood in my closest for hours, for days on out, trying to decide what the heck I was going to do. Then I couldn’t decide if I wanted to wear both items together or separate.  I had to pull myself together and I just thought.. Just do what you do! LOL  So that’s just what I did, I just went with it. 

I received the items last Thursday and by the weekend I was ready to ROCK!  I couldn’t wait to tear open the package to actually see and feel the goods first hand.  The necklace was just absolutely gorgeous.  The pictures surely don’t do it justice.  The colors of the charms are just so bold and eye catching.  I was just as impressed with the scarf.  Leslie, Fashion Du Jour Daily,  had a little card enclosed explaining the project in detail and then a place showing each location the items would travel to.  It was just too cute!!!

I opted to go with boyfriend jeans because I love a comfy pair of jeans with a sexy pump. The weather was so beautiful in Atlanta, almost in the 90’s so it was so easy to decide how I wanted to style this FAB scarf.  Can you even believe I transformed this scarf into a top?  I just wrapped it around me and tied it in the front in a knot and let the excess hang.  I had to tuck a little into the front of my bra to kinda of keep it to stay up.  (for us ladies that aren’t well endowed up top..LOL)  Then I completed the whole look with the necklace.  Talk about GORGEOUS!!!  I got so many looks and compliments on the necklace and top, it was amazing.  I am going to have to purchase both the scarf and necklace because now that I’ve had it, I don’t think I can live without either items!!! LOL  Anyone can recreate this look.  It’s so easy.  The scarf is so versatile as well as the necklace.  You would be surprised of all the things you can do with a scarf.  Just let your imagination run wild.  I had such a FUN time participating in the Rock it & Roll it project.  I can’t wait for the next round to Rock it & Roll it with a new item!!!

O.M.G!  Can you even believe what Charee did with this top, oops I mean scarf?  It looks like it was made to be worn this way, doesn’t it?  You’d never guess it was a scarf!  Then how the dazzling stones in the necklace so perfectly compliment the rest of the outfit. Bravo, Bravo, well done, Charee!

Our traveling items are now off to our second participant, Eboni, of The Fashionista Next Door …


This girl is sure to surprise us as she always does with her fearless, classic and bold looks.  I can’t wait.

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24 thoughts on “ROCK IT & ROLL IT Style Challenge: Charee Lenee

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  3. You look fabulous! I love what you did with the scarf. It is a very bold move. The necklace is to die for and those jeans look great on you. Just read your bio and I too am a preacher’s wife. Such a blessing to know that there is someone who shares my position and hobby!! Kiah

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