sunnies: 99 store | sweater: unknown (T) | shirt: Bull (T) | cord leggings: random | shoes: Dolce Vita | clutch: DIY

By the way, I hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend.  On Saturday, the fam trucked it out to the valley (which is about an hour from where I live) for Easter breakfast at an aunt’s house.  The food was delicious, waffles, Conecuh sausages (Alabama sausage), “Auntie Nettie’s Concoction”, “Big Mama’s Biscuits”, friend chicken, bacon, country potatoes, eggs, fruit salad, grits, oatmeal, shall I go on.  Crazy good! And it’s always good to see family.  We ended up getting back home at a reasonable time, which left just enough time for the Hubs and kids to nap and for me to do some quick chores before heading a couple of streets over to Uncle J’s (the Hub’s bro) for dinner.  Enchiladas, refried beans, rice, chips and guac.  Mexican night!  Scrumptious.

All week, we had been preparing Jaxon and Julia for their church Easter speeches, “Happy Easter everybody!” with a bow and curtsy.  Come Sunday they had the routine down pat.  They stood together in front of the congregation with 2 other children their age and they did great.  They made mommy and daddy proud.  Another moment of many when I stop and realize that my little babies aren’t so little anymore.  All in all, a great weekend.  Easter’s one of my favorite holidays…I love PEEPs.

P.S.  If you follow me on twitter, you know that I tweeted about some recent DIYs.  My last post was a DIY of  the clutch I’m wearing in today’s post.  What do you think?  Not too shabby, right?

P.S.S. Remember to enter the shopping spree giveaway…


9 thoughts on “Peeps

  1. Wow!! I cant believe u just did that! Or rather..just showed me how to do that!! LOL thats so cool 😉 Thank you

  2. I am really feelin’ this outfit. You look super cute from head to toe.
    Love the DIY clutch. When school allows me some time, I’m going to try it out myself.

  3. You look too cute! This is a fabulous DIY. It looks pretty easy to so, but hmmmmm…we shall see. You guys had soooooo much food on Sunday, WOW!!! Seems like everyone has their own “special” recipe that they make. Of course I’m loving those DVs!!


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