ROCK IT & ROLL IT Style Challenge – Sponsored by

Well, I’ve strung this out long enough.  It’s time to give you the scoop, so let’s get to it.

Eboni, otherwise known as The Fashionista Next Door, and I had been chatting up the idea of doing an item swap between the two of us.  You  know, just swapping an item with each other and seeing how we each rocked it.  We decided if we were going to do something we wanted to do it right and extend the circle to a larger group of girls.  The challenge would involve us selecting a single item from our personal wardrobe that each of the girls could ROCK and then ROLL on to the next participant, kinda like a baton in a relay race.

So, long story short, we put the ‘ol noggins together and came up with a list of three other fashion bloggers who we thought might be interested and up for a style challenge. Let me say this, this was a very tough list to narrow down.  There are so many of you who came to mind, but I figured if all goes well this round, we’ll likely extend the invitation to a larger group of girls the next go ’round.

Anyways, as luck would have it, before Eboni and I had decided on an item, I happened to be contacted by with an opportunity to host another giveaway.  I had a rare stroke of genius and suggested they sponsor this challenge and what do you know, they agreed.  They went above and beyond what I had expected by suggesting two spring items and even offering a giveaway.  So, not only will you get to see how we “ROCK IT & ROLL IT”, you’ll also have a chance to win a $50 shopping spree at

First things first.  Here are the goods.

Isabelle Multi Color Stone Drape Necklace $32 | Valerie Pashmina in Coral Pink $22

Now I bet you’re wondering how to enter to win the shopping spree.  Here’s how:

1. Become a follower of MimiBoutique on Twitter.

2.  Create a style set on using either the scarf of the necklace, or both {up to 3 sets/one entry per set} by clicking on the”Start Styling” image below.

With that said,  on with the show.  The items are already on their way to Charee.  Let’s see how Charee will “ROCK IT & ROLL IT”.

P.S. While another round is dependent on how the first one goes, if you’d be interested in partnering up for another ROCK IT & ROLL IT challenge, let me know and we’ll go from there.

33 thoughts on “ROCK IT & ROLL IT Style Challenge – Sponsored by

  1. Hey great challenge I already follow Mimi Boutique on twitter and I already created three sets. Just wondering is that all that is necessary to enter?

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