These Can Be Your Colin Stewart Booties!

Colin Stuart | size 8.5 US | black suede with tassles


Yup…I’m giving these away.  Why?  Well, they were given to me about aweek ago and without really trying them on of course I said yes purely because they are SO cute.  They were an accessory used for a fashion show and photo shoot and they were given away because they were no longer needed (as if there is such a thing).  After trying them on and, wearing them once, here, I realized I’m being ridiculous and greedy for talking myself into thinking these would work knowing good and well I can’t fit them. Why don’t I sell them?  I didn’t pay for them so I’m not losing anything. Just passing on the favor.  Anyways, that’s the story.  Now on to the good part, how you can win them.

There are three ways to win:

1. Click on this post: Opening A Can of Worms…Casual Relationships and leave a comment.  Include in your comment that you want to win the booties.  If you’ve already left a comment, just hit reply button next to your comment and state that you want to win.

2. Retweet this post by clicking on the twitter link below.

I’ll randomly pick a winner on Monday, April 11th and announce the winner on Tuesday.  The winner must respond within 48 hours and be willing to pay for the shipping of the item to her (which will be less than $10).  If this criteria is not met, she will forfeit her winnings and I will select another winner at random.

On your marks, get set GO!


4 thoughts on “These Can Be Your Colin Stewart Booties!

  1. Those boots are hottttt…not my size though-sad face with tear drop (lol). This is wrong place to post, but I came across a blogger who reminded me of your style. You guys seem have a lot in common- the love of christ, fashion, west coast, married life and kids. The site is called… Maybe you guys can connect and do a feature. Please note that I am the type of person who likes to connect people in some kind of way. If I find information that is useful, I like to pass it along in hopes someone can use it- hence Baggage Reclaim (lol)…..

    1. Thanks so much for the recommendations. Are you on Twitter? I was trying to find you. Anyways, thanks for suggesting MajorMustHaves. She’s adorable and has great style. Her shoe collection is on fire! Thanks for suggestion Baggage Reclaim too. Everyone needs to know about that site. Such an eyeopener. XOXO!

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