It’s the Thought That Counts


jacket: old | tee: Merona | belt: unknown | pants: Exhiliration | shoes: H&M |sunnies: 99 store | watch: Michael Kors

The thought I had in my head was way better than this actually turned out but c’est la vie.  I would much rather have had on some different shoes, but I couldn’t find one that was quite right this morning.  These are my default booties.

Anyways, think of this post as you bulletin of upcoming FASHION du jour daily info:

1.  You’ll remember the other day I shared with you the thought behind my Fashionista du Jour feature that I’m going to begin (If you don’t remember, read this and pretend you do).  Thanks again for your emails and comments.  I’m excited.  I plan to feature a special someone this month, so stay tuned.  It’ll be fun!

2.  I’m giving these booties away.  That’s right…as in free!  They’re suede and practically brand new.  I’ve only worn them during the 10 minutes it took me to take these pictures.  They were given to me and were only worn on the runway during a fashion show (and potentially at a photoshoot).

3.  I’ll be hosting a traveling item with a few super fine bloggers that I’ve gotten to know.  Should be interesting!

4.  I’ve got a REALLY easy headband DIY coming soon.  I’m not a huge headband wearer, but it’s a cute idea.


21 thoughts on “It’s the Thought That Counts

  1. Girl, I love this quote!!! LOVE IT!! Something I’ve found so much is when I’ve met many men who are Christians and mostly live by the word, so many of them seem to want to skip over the part of saving sex for marriage. It’s really frustrating!! You can’t just pick the parts of the Bible you want to live by and skip over the parts that aren’t so fun… anyway, I’m so glad I found your blog!!

  2. Even if you didn’t go to the booties the first time around they worked well. I never wear shorts. Cargo capris but never shorts. I just might venture back that way :)) I’m feeling the nail polish. What color? Brand?

    1. I hardly ever wear shorts myself. I had a fall a year or two ago that left some bruising that is quite unsightly in my opinion so I’m usually always in jeans. The nail polish is by Sinful Colors and the color is Rise and Shine.

  3. Love that outfit!! It drives me nuts in the morning when the outfit I had palnned is not exactly how I envisioned it. Those booties are adorable!

  4. you have amazing pieces, and i love that you pair your fashion blog with inspirational quotes – truly inspirational quotes.

  5. That quote is so simple yet so hard for a lot of people to grasp. Those are often the ones who pick and choose scriptures to fit their reasonings and never read the whole story.

    I have those this outfit looked good in my head moments too lol. Even though I may not like it that’s often the one that gets the most compliments 😉

  6. Nice outfit chica…. Still waiting for that warm weather ARgh… But I know that there is no forcing GOD’S hand. Psst those boots you are giving away my address is… LOL j/k, probably not my size anyways. Have a good day love and stay sweet.

  7. I’ve found my first inspiration outfit! I am not a fashion blogger per se but I am enjoy fashion blogs. Coming soon…my first inspiration outfit. This is so it….*would be even better with those shoes. 🙂

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