Mexican Food


jacket: random | tee: She Said | jeans: James Cured | heels: Michael Antonio | ring: Target | watch: Target | bag: LV Speedy 30

I was pretty much on a monthly count down until spring . I love white jeans and so now I can finally wear them.  Well, it’s not like I couldn’t wear them before, but you know the rules.  LOL  I’m looking forward to some good ol’ fashioned Mexican food tonight.  One of my guilty pleasures.

Oh and by the way, in case you’re getting the house ready for some big summer shindig (which I’ll be expecting a formal invitation for in the mail LOL!), or you’re just bored with the coffee tables and table lamps you’ve got, take a peek at some of the goods available at the CSN Stores.  It’s fun to browse if nothing else.  LOL



7 thoughts on “Mexican Food

  1. Cute…. I think I’m going to alot of white this summer. I can’t wait. Do you bring your camera and tripod with you everywhere? Do you have an idea of where you want to shoot before hand or you just go on a whim? When you set up, do people look crazy at you?lol….

    1. You crack me up. Yes to all of the above. Well kinda, yes. I leave my tripod in the car and I only bring my camera when I’m wearing something kinda blog worthy. I shoot on my lunch break in most cases so yes, I know where to go. People always look at me crazy. It’s the funniest thing. I have to keep repeating in my head that I’m not the crazy one, they are for staring. LOL And then of course everyone and they’re mom wants to drive down or walk by the remote location taht I’m shooting at. of course! lol

  2. Cute, as always! I just bought some white skinnies and have my eye on some white wide leg jeans. I usually do all white, every day for summer (I am stepping away from that this year, because I love the neutrals and pops of bright color), so I am glad spring is here, too!

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