Bring It!


jacket: GRIMM (T) | top: unknown (T) | jeans: Citizens of Humanity | shoes: Dolce Vita | bag: LV Speedy 30

I’m soooo looking forward to Spring.  Although today’s heat caught me off guard.  Today, it was close to 90 degrees!  Bring it!






22 thoughts on “Bring It!

  1. I love the relationship between the buttons on the jacket and on the pants. Definitely a cool combo!! The POP the belt brings, ties it all together. Love it! “FashTastic”

    1. I’m only 5’5 1/2 but I learned a little trick. By angling the camera up, it gives the illusion of longer lines. Kinda like when you are in a city with really tall buildings and you look up and they just look endless? Ya, like that! LOL

  2. love everything you are wearing to day, the jacket and flare jeans present an elegant look.

    ps. spring has yet to appear in my little corner, I hate this cold weather.

  3. You’re so lucky, it’s a rainy 45 degrees here. I totally forgot about the picture of the shoes…I’ll send it soon :o).

  4. Weeelll, first off you look really nice. I love the jacket. I envy all the people who are having 80-90 degree weather right now. We are still having a miserable 30-40 degrees (NYC) and on top of it I have bronchitis. It’s no fun I can tell you, but you go ahead chica enjoy.

  5. Amen to that! It has been FREEZING, cold and rainy here in Atlanta! I say bring on the heat, too!

    I love your jacket…when are we gonna do our traveling pants experiment?

  6. Yes it was 80 degrees here in Stockton, CA. I was surprised. I like your neighborhood. Spring is here and I hope I can renew myself. I have already found a Family Christian bookstore, I’m learning music over on a keyboard. I took piano lessons when I was a kid, stopped for years and forgot everything. However I am playing and learning all over again. It’s coming back and I’m playing simple pieces. God is working miracles in me.

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