A few posts back I talked about an idea I had for my blog involving YOU.  The idea I had is actually twofold.  (A) I wanted to feature the readers of FASHION du jour daily in an effort to offer advice, network (I hate that word, but it applies), make friends, and encourage one another in hopes of making this lil’ ol’ fashion blog into more of  a community.  From the emails and comments you all leave, I know there’s more to you than the shiny clothes and handbags.  You have depth, wisdom and experience…whether you know it or not. (B) More often, I’ll post about books and blogs I’ve read, conversations I’ve had or emails I’ve received that raise some pretty good questions on issues that pertain to US.  What does this mean for you?  Well, I simply encourage you to leave comments, as you always do, and engage in respectful conversations with each other.  I have no doubt that this will only lead to the building of healthy relationships.

So, in the next few months, you’ll begin to see these posts and features appear.  You may get an email from me asking if you’re interested in being featured.  I also invite you to email me for details on being featured.

Don’t you worry your pretty little head, I’m still going to post my outfits as usual and keep you up to speed on my shenanigans, but I feel like there are times where I should be doing more…just in general.  What can I say, it’s the mommy in me.



11 thoughts on “FASHIONISTA du jour

  1. Looking forward to this new feature. I have nothing to share right now, but I’ll be interested when I make my blog public for my upcoming travels to Africa.

  2. I definitely love this idea. Not being someone who has a lot to share, but as someone who has a lot to learn and glean from more experienced women. I think this will be great 🙂

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