Just A Minor Obsession…Free Fonts

My husband thinks it’s hysterical and a little odd I’m sure but, aside from fashion, I kinda have an obsession with writing utensils and fonts.  I have certain pens that I refuse to write with such as these Round Stic Ball BIC pens…AGHH!  They make me break out in hives.  Okay, I’m exaggerating, but they REALLY irritate me.  Fortunately, in most cases I B.M.O.P. (Bring My Own Pen).  However, on those rare occassions when I’ve changed purses and have left out my pen case (yes, I have a pen case like a 6th grader and it’s something similar to this) for instance at the bank where you’re forced to use either those industrial steel pens, which who in the world created those and why are they chain-linked to the counter, or when I’m at the store and I have to sign the sales receipted with the aforementioned wretched BIC pen, although in most cases I opt to pay by ATM simply so I don’t have to sign anything, I grab the stinkin pen, hold my breath and write as fast and messy as I can.

I like to think I have pretty nice handwritting and on most days I prefer handwriting over typing.  Clearly that’s not the most efficient mode of communication these days so in order to quench my handwritting thirst, I have tons of notes and notebooks all over the place.  The one advantage I guess I can say is that it helps me remember more things.  They say that when you write things down it helps memory retention.

Like I said, handwriting everything isn’t the most efficient way to work these days so once again, so I had to find another way to express my pent up handwriting desires. I searched high and low (you think I’m kidding) for fonts that would do my style justice.  I found tons of free font sites, but was finally satisfied when I found dafonturbanfonts and fontsforpeas.  Here are just a few of my favorites.  I’ve listed their names below.

1. Birth of a hero 2. Acidic 3. Air conditioner 4. Cheri liney 5. Clive Barker 6. Crazy milktop girl 7. Cry kitty 8. Dirty English 9. For the One Hundreth 10. Heartbreaker

I wish I had a Go Go Gadget pen that wrote like these fonts…oh well.  I know there’s a way to add them to my site, but I think that costs money and I’m not sure I want to make the commitment yet.  LOL

Well, I won’t tell you about my drawer full of pens at home in the office or my stash of “special” pens that are only for looking at (I’ll have the head of anyone who so much as thinks about touching them, let alone writing with them LOL) .

Bet you didn’t know this is what you were going to read about today, ‘eh?  We’re all friends here.  I’m comfortable with you and now you’re comfortable with me, or utterly confused and a little afraid.  LOL


15 thoughts on “Just A Minor Obsession…Free Fonts

  1. OMG!! I use to think am beyond obessed until I’ve seen you guys comments.. I am sooo hang over my awesome handwriting and pens even pencils too that I wish there was a career path I could choose where I could use my different styles and types of writting and get graciouslly rewarded for it omg!! I can smell fresh ink on paper alrwady.. I am constantly doodling on scraps of paper on anything I have a million favourite pens an I keep them in my stash. My draw at hme and my pencil kit that’s always one me.. I hate an refuse to write with certain pens ewwww.. Omg!! Now I have a urge to write something..but guys that makes makes us YOUnique!!

    1. There’s a fine line between unique and crazy! We are the SUPER FINE line, girls! LOL Maybe we need to invent a job that involves testing pens….and tesing designer clothes and shoes. Sign me up!

  2. I’m not so much of a specific pen addict..wait I do love fine tip sharpies but mostly I’m just a pen junkie. I have a big cup on my night stand and a dish full of them. It’s the teacher in me. I gotta place the blame somewhere right (giggles)?

  3. lool and I thought I was the only freak…I mean unique person with such a hobby. I love collecting pens, the more distinctive or bizarre design the better. Not to mention my font obsession when it comes to writing essays or even editing resumes and cover letter for clients. I love ‘Garamond, Calibri, Algerian, Baskerville Old Face, etc.

  4. I too love pens. I always joke that I became a teacher, not to change lives but for the supplies 🙂
    I sign my name with my purple Hello Kitty pen every chance I get. I despise using pens other people tocuh. YUCK!!

    1. It really is a shame! I’m obsessed! Honestly, I had the same dreams when I was a kid. I wanted to be a teacher for the supplies and stickers, a librabrian so I could stamp the card and rub the book spines against that big white block before checking people out (you know, you know what I’m talking about) and I wanted to be a bank teller so I could count money, punch keypad (a la the flight agent on Meet the Parents) and make X’s on stuff for people to sign. What a great childhood!

  5. Wow……….. I sooo can relate to the pen situation. I promise you I thought I was the ‘ONLY ONE” that was obssesed with pens and hand writting. I have a stash at home and in my desk at work. Eveyone at work ‘KNOWS” not to mess with Steph’s pens….. lol lol . You are not alone Sis or should I say, thank goodness I’m not alone. 🙂

  6. I love my handwriting b/c it garners so many compliments. I’ve repeatedly heard “It looks like a font!” But strangely, I’m not very picky about pens… except calligraphy pens. Must be the nibs with the changeable cartridges. But fonts??? Fonts make me absolutely BATTY!! I see subtle nuances in them all. And as a filmmaker, I have to pick the font for my films. Guess what? I spend HOURS on it. It confirms my crazy. The one thing I think keeps me from being completely nuts is that I don’t read font blogs. BTW, I think number 5 best matches the vibe I get from your blog– laid back but fashionable.

    1. You and I are from the same tree! You know how you have the option of downloading fonts in batches….NO, I need to see each and every font and approve each and every font before I download it. Even if it IS free. LOL People dont understand it. LOL It takes a very special person to put up with me. LOL

  7. I know what you mean! I only use PILOT gel ink pens and hate having to use anything else. I keep about five of them in my purse at all times!

  8. hahaha. I had my daughter go through my stash of pens and pencils — aw, heck, my writing utensils (it’s not just pens and pencils anymore) the last time she was home. I had boxes and cartons and bags and who knows what other kinds of containers filled … and the thing is, is that invariably the pen I tried to use at any given time — didn’t work! Anyway, my love for them was still too deep, so I had my daughter go through them 🙂

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