Jack Talk Thai


I found a new lunch spot a little ways from my job.  I had a taste for Thai food and I remembered a cute little Thai restaurant that I had driven by countless times.  So, a few minutes to 1pm, I headed over to try it out.  I’ll admit, I’m not a very picky eater.  I can eat just about anything except spicy food.  I know, I know…Thai is typically spicy.  Well, I had a taste for some, what can I say.  The restaurant is Three Spice Thai.  It’s really cute although it’s really awkwardly placed on a street corner across from a bail bonds store and mom and pop Mexican restaurant.  It’s one of those restaurants that you would find on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood.  I had that kind of feel.  I was really pleasantly surprised when I went inside.  It’s very small, but the modern chic decor was a nice compliment.  I was really happy with how quickly they prepared my food.  I ordered, stepped out to take pictures and it was ready when I went back inside.  I ordered the chicken curry with rice and veggies lunch special.  It was perfect.  Just a little sweet like I like it and the prices are reasonable.  If you’re in the Gardena, CA area, I highly recommend it:

Three Spices

16400 S Western Ave


Gardena, CA 90247
(310) 516-6514


Mon-Thu, Sun 11 am – 9:30 pm

Fri-Sat 11 am – 10 pm

P.S.  If you know what movie the title of this post is named after…YOU’RE REALLY COOL!


20 thoughts on “Jack Talk Thai

  1. Hi my husband and I had lunch at the eatery at the mall. We do this almost every weekend. I had mexican food and he had his usual chinese. Of course I left him in the eatery (as I usually do) and went looking in the stores. I bought junk jewelry, one bracelet cost about $13.00 , a tube top that I mistook for a skirt before the salesgirl told me. It made an adorable skirt and that’s what I’ll wear it as.
    We went to another mall just before and I ended up in a Christian bookstore. I bought a few things that I hope will guide me out of depression I sometimes get underneath the perky happiness. i

  2. Meet the Parents! LOL I love that movie! My other faves were the Greg & flight attendant scene about checking his bag; and Dina & Jack realizing her name would be Pamela Martha Focker

  3. I used to stop in restaurants like that. I think I’ll do it again. However I don’t drive and my husband and I usually have lunch together at the mall on weekends. I’m thinking of getting takeout mexican today. I’m really not being good or thinking about my cholesterol level.

  4. Meet the Parents… I love Ben Stiller he is all types of crazy funny!
    I love your shoes and I will be eating Thai tomorrow! LOL!

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