Big Hair, Don’t Care

fedora: Target | sweater: Sportsgear (T) | jeans: Eunina | booties: H&M

The strangest thing happened yesterday.  On the way home from picking up the kids, Jon called and said that Jaxon had threw up in the back seat.  He said when he picked Jaxon up from school Jaxon had told him that his tummy was hurting.  Less than 5 minutes after Jon told me, I began to feel queezy and nauseous.  It may sound crazy but it’s like I was feeling what Jaxon was feeling.  When they all got home, Jaxon was fine, but I was a mess.  I didn’t throw up but I was really yucky feeling.  The feeling lingered through the whole night at pretty much all of today.  I’m a lot better now, but yuck.  It’s just so strange or coincidental that I began to feel like that when I knew my baby was feeling like that.  I was talking to a mommy of three grown sons and she said that the same thing would happen to her.  When she knew her sons were not feeling well, she would physically take on their symptoms.  All I know, is better me than Jaxon because feeling how I felt was not cute.  Does that happen to any of you?

By the way, what do you think of my Teen Wolf hair.  This is sooo not what I had in mind when I twisted it.  I wish I knew someone that could just do my hair every day.  What a dream that would be.



5 thoughts on “Big Hair, Don’t Care

  1. I’ve never had that happen but I would gladly take on an illness for my kids any day. Glad your baby is feeling better.

    That sweater is AMAZING!!!! Hopefully I’ll see that under the Shop section soon. 🙂

    Love your hair, you should wear it like that more often… So adorable.

  2. Aww, I love the big hair too! I don’t know why u are so unsure of the big hair. It’s pretty too. I have naturally kinky hair (shorter than yours), but I know how sometimes doing hair can be so cumbersome. U look great! Love the grandad style sweater.

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