Good News!

blazer: old | tee: old | pants: Jones New York | brogues: Stride-Rite | watches: Michael Kors (brown) Target (Gold) | ring: Target

This is one for the mommies out there.  My Jaxon is finally potty-trained, well like 99.9% potty trained if you don’t count the accident he had the other day.  It was totally the other kid’s fault.  She shouldn’t have been standing there.  One outfit change later and she was just fine.  I asked Jaxon last night if he wanted a little brother or a little sister.  He insisted on having a little brother.  Daddy asked him where we were going to get this little brother from.  Jaxon said from the TV.  Not exactly…but I’ll be as big as a TV, so that’s close enough!  Nope, not preggers.  Nope, not trying.  Just thinking about it.  We want one more, but we want the timing to be right.  Plus, the Hubs is convinced that the Chinese calendar really is an accurate predictor of whether you’ll have a boy or girl. I don’t take those things seriously and really all I want is a healthy baby.  We’ll see what the future holds.



10 thoughts on “Good News!

  1. Love the POP on the nails!! The Brogues are too adorable!!! When I saw you wearing the two watches, it took me back to my teen years when I’d be in New York during the summers and I’d wear two. I had one watch on Cali time and the other on NY time. ahahaha

  2. Yayyy Jaxon!! 🙂

    I don’t remember seeing you in flats often….but I love this!! Very comfy and relaxed-looking. And you hair looks ‘purrty’ lol
    ~Toria 🙂

    1. You don’t remember because I don’t wear them! LOL My feet crave heels, but these brogues are just soooo comfy and cute. By the way your “Thrifty Dress for a Thrifty Nickel” is KILLER! 🙂

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