Operation Birthday: Day 2




scarf: Merona | jacket: DKNY | tee: random night shirt | leggings: old | bag: Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 | boots: Steve Madden | vest: DIY'd wrap into vest | sunnies: 99 store | watch: Michael Kors


Since Jonathan had a pounding headache the night of his birthday, we rescheduled our movie to the day after.  We ended up watching Unknown with Liam Neeson.  It was so-so.  Definitely could have waited for the DVD.  My favorite thing about the movie was leaning on Jonathan’s arm eating a jumbo size bucket of popcorn (with extra butter sauce) and a large Icee (which came to an outrageous $13…that’s like 5 thrifted outfits).

I find that so much of our time together involves the children, while I’m eternally grateful that I have him there to help with the children, I also can’t help but missing him even though we’re in the same room.  Goodness, I’m getting sentimental now.  It’s true though.  If there’s anything I can say that I miss from my unwed days it’s the dating.  Jon was a very good date.  He was the perfect gentleman.  Before him, I don’t even think I dated a man that could spell “gentleman”.  He’s traditional but not in the women-should-be-seen-and-not-heard kind of way.  It’s a reassuring kind of chivalry that says don’t worry, come rain, sleet, or snow, I’ll take care of you.  Did I ever tell you guys about how we met?  Okay, quick story.  So we originally met in my first year of college (his second) at San Diego State.  We were at a beach party at which I knew no one besides the guy throwing it.  We talked for maybe a minute that day.  Our next encounter was more memorable.  I’ll spare you the details but I remember us just clicking.  He was so funny and sweet, but masculine at the same time. He definitely wasn’t a push over that I could easily wrap around my finger…and I liked that.  He definitely did his fair share of playing hard to get.  I would always joke with him and tell him that he would make a wonderful husband and father to one lucky woman some day.  It was like our running joke.  We hung out over the span of about a year and a half before I returned home to finish school in Los Angeles.  No sooner had I left than I found out that he too moved back home and his home was in my neck of the woods.  During the entire year and a half that we had known each other, it never occurred to us that we grew up in the same part of town.  Well, one thing led to another and we got reacquainted.  It wasn’t long before we realized we wanted to be together for the rest of our lives.  And here we are!  Amazing how I managed to recap five years in a few short sentences.  Words cannot capture all the in-betweens but some memories are so sweet that they’re better kept to yourself.  Kind of like an inside joke, no one gets them but those inside.

Anyways, oh yes, birthday…so after the movie we returned home and picked up the kiddos.  It was a great day.  I know it doesn’t sound glamorous but he said he loved the thought and spending the time together, so for me, that’s all that matters.  Afterall, a happy husband is a happy wife.  A happy wife is a happy mommy.  A happy mommy is a happy family.

I love you Jonathan!

P.S. I’m D.I.Ying something as we speak.  LOL  Talk about multi-tasking!  Pictures coming soon.


7 thoughts on “Operation Birthday: Day 2

  1. Awww….how sweet. Love the story. It seems that it was just meant to be. Those little simple moments alone are moments to be cherished. I’m glad you all had a nice day together. Happy belated B-day to your hubby. And I agree….a happy mommy does make a happy family. 🙂

  2. love this look, and the cute story of how you guys met. i’m glad that you mentioned how you sometimes miss the days when you were dating. i’m married, but not a mommy yet, and this was a good reminder to enjoy the time when it’s just the two of us.

  3. So encouraging and inspiring to hear you speak so highly of your husband and marriage. Your words speak volumes about the kind of marriage you have and in this day and age of so many marriages that don’t last, it is nice to hear about one that is thriving, especially after children. Love your outfit, especially the boots and purse. You evoke such class in the way you dress and your blog posts. Keep it coming…..Love it!


  4. Very sweet. Makes me think of how the hubs and I met met….long story short that was 25 years ago and we have been together 13 with a 4 year old. Doing simple things together are the most fulfilling and when you think back on that day, it will make you smile all day…your own little secret ;-). I like this very nice….Psst I love date nights too, they are the greatest.

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