The Day Before The Day




sunnies: 99 store | shirt: | vest: sample | jeans: old | hat: Merona | shoes: | hair by Jossy


Friday was the day before “The Day”.  What day?  The national holiday, of course, the Hub’s birthday.  He’s SO not a big deal kind of person.  He likes to stay pretty low key, and for the most part so do it, but when I was young my family never made a big deal about birthdays and I can’t help but feel like I kind of missed out in a way.  So, now that I can do something about it, I always try and do a little something to celebrate my loved one’s special days.  Anyways, because there’s not a ton of time that I have to myself, I decided to take the day off work and take care of some things that desperately needed taking care of as well as some things for the Hub’s birthday.  In all of that, I managed to get my hair done, make a few shopping stops, get the car washed, clean up the house and pack bags for our sleepover at Honey’s (the kids’ pet name for the Hub’s mom).  It’s amazing how fast time flies when you’r not at work.

I can’t wait to show you some of the things I picked up.  Just a little something and I only spent $30.  TOTALLY JUSTIFIED!  Stay tuned to FASHIONdujour TV for a sneak peek!

Also, I’ve got another something up my sleeve that I’m thinking of added to my blog.  More to come…



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