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jacket: DKNY | turtle: random | necklace: | ring: Target | bag: Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 | skirt: H&M dress worn as skirt | tights: Target | booties: | sunnies: 99 store

I was thinking about gifts and how much I enjoy the surprise and excitement that appears on the face of someone that’s opening a gift I’ve given them.  It’s one of those feel good feelings, especially when the gift is for no reason in particular other than to celebrate their awesomeness.  So, you know how you can be thinking about something and then your mind just jumps from one thing to another, pretty soon you don’t know how you got to the thought you’re thinking?  Just me?  Well, I started off with the thought I mentioned above and then it moved on to me thinking about stuff I like.  I decided to make a list.  Why?  Well, I enjoy talking about things that make me happy, regardless of how insignificant they might be in the bigger scheme of things…and plus I like lists.  Here we go…

Top Ramen (any flavor but spicy)

Lucas (Mexican candy)


Hello Kitty pens

Towels fresh out the dryer

The scent of Jergen’s Cherry Almond Lotion

Baby feet…well everything baby

Neat handwriting

Starbuck’s gift cards

Red clearance stickers at Target

Fonts for Peas

Garrett’s Popcorn

These SUPER cute grey boots, but no more grey for me!


Perfectly manicured nails

5” heels



A good cry

smell of wet cement

Magazine pages

Hot dogs



Sand between my toes…only in Hawaii though

Being lazy

Adrenaline from exercising…actual exercising not so much

Sparkling water

Running unnecessarily


I guess I’ll stop there.  I could go on, but 30’s a good number to stop at.  🙂  What are some of the simple things in life you enjoy?

P.S. Took a trip to the vending machine at work.  In my excitement I selected the wrong item, A2 instead of A3.  And in slow motion that stinkin’ red bag of Doritos fell down the cold metal vending machine chute much to my dismay.  Devastating.   Is that God’s way of telling me I needed to have Doritos?  No, I’m just a moron stuck with a  bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos that I’m now eating out of guilt.


15 thoughts on “Stuff I Like

  1. One of my favorite conditioners to make is Virgin coconut oil, mayo,an egg and avocado blended up put it on your wet hair put a plastic cap for about 15 min. Results= soft hair with a nice shine I love making conditioners and face scrubs and masks so amazing what you can do with the stuff and your kitchen!

  2. love the shorts, can’t wait for summer. What do I love or as I would say, what makes me happy and @ peace internally:

    1. The sound of rain hitting my window
    2. Being at one with nature when I’m camping or hiking
    3. Sitting at the beach all alone and just watching the Ocean and little kids building things on sand
    4. Traveling in East Africa…..something is always spiritually cleansing when I go to Africa, whether its my parent’s home country or not.
    5. Caramel Frab from Starbucks or Ice cap from Timy.
    6. Reading a good book that takes me into another world.
    7. Accomplishing my goals or helping someone and seeing the smile and joy on their face.
    8. Stuffing my face with Sushi and Thai food.

  3. Leslie i love the denim jacket with your outfit it makes it look that much cooler //
    and i too love ramen noodles but here in ny we say oodles n noodles lol with kielbasa sausage cut up in it oh and has to be chicken flavor lol – i also love when i get a text or email, getting my toes done,when my bf messages my scalp,when the receptionist @ my job says my bf is on the line(lol), estee lauder hypnose mascara,bare essentials lip gloss in rose, mimosas on Sunday morning with my two older sisters, family reunions, shrimp rolls, making my own conditioners,having staring contest with my lil brother(he’s 8 lol) , hearing a miracle story on the news, when my grandmother calls and tells me to turn to paula dean, all of the real housewives, when my mom and sisters hand clothing down to me, going to the orthodontist, oh and getting an email that FASHIONDUJOURDAILY has a new post ; )

  4. LOL. Those poor maligned Doritos. I love my boyfriend washing the dishes, a closet full of clothes & shoes (wait… maybe that’s not simple), a great vintage hat!, giggling with my mom.

    1. They’re still sitting on my desk at work. LOL Although it makes me feel guilty, I also love when the Hubs does household chores. I’m looking for a “great vintage hat”, fedora to be exact. Closet full of awesome clothes…duh! 

  5. I love Jesus! I love Ramen Noodles with stir fry veggies and shrimp (you made me decide to have that for dinner tonight)! I love 5in heels. I love grey (it is my new go to color)! I love ice water with True Lemon! I love a GREAT clearance sale! I love beef hot dogs and Better Made chips! I love Jeggings (they will never go out of style for me)! I love to laugh! I love that I seem to be able to make people laugh! I love going to dinner and the movies, with family and friends! I love going to dinner and the movies, with that special guy! Lasttly, I love homemade mac and cheese!

    1. I love Jesus too! 😉 Isn’t Top Ramen the greatest? Right up there with Burger King French fries. LOL What’s True Lemon. I guess I’ll Google it. I LOVE a great clearance sale or a great thrift store. You and I are in the same boat. Jeggings = LOVE! I don’t remember the last time I went to the movies. Hmm…the last movie I saw in the theater was that movie with Denzel when he was teaching those kids, the name escapes me. Oh, The Great Debators? I dunno.

      A glorious day would be waking up and giving thanks to God, slipping on a pair of grey jeggings and some 5” heels. Enjoying a nice glass of True Lemon iced water and Better Made chips for breakfast. Make a stop at the most incredible clearance sale on earth. Coming back home for some lunch, beef hot dogs and homemade mac and cheese, of course, before heading out to see the latest comedy with the Boy, family and friends and then grabbing a bite to eat. All in your 5” heels. LOL

      1. You got it right there! The perfect day! True Lemon is great! It helped me put down the carbonated beverages and drink more water. I am addicted to it.

  6. Hey girl, Cute skirt. I enjoy: ALL things Hello Kitty, John Legend singing live, Twizzlers that are slightly warm, kisses from my God daughters, 500 thread count sheets, Strawberry Frappucinnos, when you get a surprise onion ring in your fries at Burger King, walking around Target for no reason, random text messages, Mrs. Fields cookies, Barbies, forehead kisses, my students getting “it”, My ma’s peach cobbler, my grandma’s laugh, comfy flats, Northface fleece jackets…I will stop there. This was delightful & Doritos are yummy 🙂

    1. Tiff, you reminded me of all the other things I like. LOL @ that surprise onion ring and walking around Target for no reason. I don’t care what anyone has to say, but Burger King fries are THE best, hands down. I’ve never worn a Northface jacket, but then again I’m a SoCal girl. So, wait, do you mean random anonymous text messages? Random texts from someone you know. Good stuff!

      A glorious day would be waking up in a bed made with 500 thread count sheets as your God daughters run into your room, with Barbies in one hand and Hello Kitty paraphanelia in the other, jumping onto your bed to smother you with kisses. Sliding into your favorite comfy flats and Northface fleece jacket and skipping off to Target for no reason in particular. As you roam around target sipping on a Strawberry Frapp, munching on a handful of warm Twizzlers and a BK French fry surprise, you get a random text message about Mrs. Field cookies followed by a call from your Grandma laughing hysterically. She invites you over for some of your mom’s peach cobbler and you share with he how proud you are of your students finally “getting it”.

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