Indian Giver (in the most politically correct sense of the phrase)


jacket: sample | shirt: Old Navy | belt: unknown (T) | cargos: | shoes; Dolce Vita | bag: Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 | necklace: Valentine's gift from Hubs | watch: Target




Remember I said I was going to put some stuff up for sale on my shop page?  Well, I did.  I added those really cute super strappy nude heels that I wore one time here.  You may recall my reason for posting them for sale was because I was afraid of falling in them due to the ankle strap not being tight enough around my ankle.  Wait, did I tell you guys that?  Maybe it was someone else.  Anyways, I brought the shoes to work the day after I posted them because my friend wanted to see them.  Well, during the time of the try on, another friend asked why I was getting rid of them.  I explained my fear and she had the most brilliant idea known to man; yes, known to man.  The heels have a small elastic piece that connects the strap around my ankle to the back zipper.  She suggested I just have the elastic piece removed and that way I wouldn’t have to worry about them being too loose and making me fall.  Genius, I tell you!  So, with that said, I’m having second thoughts.  As I said before, I LOVE these shoes, they’re just not worth me falling all over the place.  Hmmm…



13 thoughts on “Indian Giver (in the most politically correct sense of the phrase)

  1. Girl, I know how hard it is to give up stuff ( oooh, I just had moment. Its hard in the natural and the spirtual). The shoes are super cute, but you are doing the right thing by honoring your word. You are my style inspiration and I put this post on my fb page (Gen321). You always look great!

  2. I love those shoes and it doesn’t help that they’re my size. 😦 I probably would have killed myself in the high heel…

    You always find the cutest jackets. If you ever come to CO I’m so taking you shopping with me. Lol

  3. I love this!!! Those shoes are killer! I need them in my life! I would have a hard time parting with my shoes as well, so I totally feel your pain. I think if you become an Indian Giver just this once, we can forgive you…but dont make a habit of it!!! LOL

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